Posted January 06 2020 - 23:51
Is the only way to deconstruct buildings in an acre the scorched earth action?
Posted January 11 2020 - 22:29
For now yes that is the only way
Posted January 12 2020 - 08:44
Damn, that sucks, when i used scorched earth it only seemed to effect defensive buildings.
Posted January 12 2020 - 12:22
The policy destroys only resource buildings, 50% of them, on what kind of acre are you using it?
Posted January 13 2020 - 11:25
It was plains it was full of farms and hunting cabins, and now its been a few days since i used it but i could of sworn it did the exact opposite and destroyed defensive buildings only but i might just be remembering that incorrectly. Main thing I remember is it not doing what I wanted, so maybe it just only burned farms and not hunting cabins.
When I'm about to move on from K1 I'll use scorched earth on some acres and double check the results. I mean really i was just making sure I wasn't missing some obvious deconstruct function but this could turn into a nice little bug hunt.
Posted January 13 2020 - 13:07
Perfect, let me know what your findings are and you are much welcome in K2 or K3 :D
Posted January 14 2020 - 04:43
Okay I have started fires in all my acres, except the village. Guess mayors burning people in their houses is looked down on.
Posted January 14 2020 - 06:29
Burning half the buildings in my gold type acre burned down defensive buildings and no gold mines, it worked correctly in both my plains acres though.
Posted January 14 2020 - 07:03
Burning acre 8 gold mine again to see what happens
Posted January 14 2020 - 09:49
Thank you for testing it out, will look into it :)
Posted January 14 2020 - 17:06
yeah guess it's just half the towers that get burned down.