New round open for signup and change list!

Posted January 12 2020 - 14:54
Hi everyone,

The Kansas 2 and 3 rounds have both openend up for signup!

The round will start ticking again on Monday 13 January at 20:00 GMT +1:00 or 2:00 PM EST, until then you have time to signup your town and prepare your first moves.

We have worked hard and the team is very proud to release the following update list, changes are directly active in the K1 area.

Full update notes:

- Town missions have been somewhat changed, some hard missions have been made more easy to enhance town progress. See more details in the guide.
- Slightly decreased the market prices for resources.

Areas and regional events:
- Some regional events will be more hard in the Experienced area. Read the new settings for each area in our guide:
- New regional event added: Raiders confederation.
- 50% extra cash cost for Army supplies in the Experienced area.

- Blood of Blackwater will makes its introduction after turn 100, triggering some events. Every town will receive a message with news about there coming.
This does not count for the "Beginner" Area.
- Raider camp icons of Blood of Blackwater will have a red glow on them, the same counts for captured acres by Blood of Blackwater.
- Blood of Blackwater will be more aggressive as other raider gangs.
- New raider gangs, all raiders will now be aligned to one of the following gangs. Giving them certain benefits. The number behind the gang indicates the toughness of the gang.
1. Blood of Blackwater 5 Raider faction, Holds gov facilities, Assault bikers (Special gang)
2. Red Boars 4 Defensive gang, bunkers, Heavy mortars, Deploys tactics.
3. Black seals 3 Operations focussed, Navy Seals, Deploys tactics.
4. Diamond devils 3 Passive, Marines, Deploys tactics.
5. The vipers 2 Aggressive attack gang, Snipers.
6. The Chargers 2 Aggressive attack gang, Portable mortars
7. Fallen Angels 1 Weakest gang with no special units.
- Tougher gangs will have a higher attack bonus and defense bonus, also against operations. They will also deploy tactics as defense on acres.

- You can now also auction special operation goods (poison, missile, c4, carbomb) and vehicles.
- Automated auctions will now become randomly available, picking a random resource (from turn 0) or operation good and vehicles (from turn 150). Each tick there is a chance these auctions will be created.

- Will be randomly occupied by the new gangs (except for BoB - gang 1) from the start.
- Infiltrate on acres will now shown the proper special units.
- Deployed tactics at your own acre will not be visibile in the balloon tip on the map.
- "Abondon acres" will now give the acre to a random raider gang.

- Instant travel with bikers now only applies if the location is directly attached to the other location or in your home sector, the sector (for example A-1) where your town is located. Otherwise instant travel is not possible anymore.
- Travelback time, when your forces performed a attack (succesfully or not), your troops will now have to travel back. It will take half the time of moving towards the objective and always takes atleast 1 week. The convoy will be created automatically.
- For travelback time no travel penalties apply for mortar teams.
- Attack simulator defense and attack bonus increased from max 50% to 150%.
- The maximum force readiness an attack can cost is decreased from 100 to 75.

- Locations owned by the government now have the following special units - Marines, Heavy mortars, Snipers.
- Government troops defending a government location receive a extra 30% defense bonus.
- Starting units for government locations have been increased.
- Request aid: Troops, increased the amount of troops received by using this aid. Top 10 players wont be able to use this feature.
- Government refinery locations now give you 1500 fuel instead of 1000.
- New government location added "Waterworks", Owner and his fellow clan members receive +20% crops gain from farms having improved field irrigation.
- New government location added "Car Depot", Owner can produce one vehicle each tick, owner and clan members receive a 25% cash discount on vehicles.
- Government locations that are "Given back" to the government will now have a larger government force as garrison.

Public order and Tax:
Tax level feature have been changed, added a new level and tax income on each level reduced.
- No tax: no tax income, +2 public order.
- Low tax: low tax income, -2 public order.
- Normal tax: normal tax income, -4 public order.
- High tax: high tax income, -6 public order.

- Increased the effectifness of defensive structures, they will now cause more casaulties on the assaulting troops.
- Increased the effect of boobytraps slightly.
- Mortar units will cause more damage during the mortar phase in a attack or defense.
- Battle score slightly increased when winning a battle.
- Decreased the amount of mortar teams dying in battle.

Fairground news:
- Raider attack news events will now be displayed orange.
- Raider camps beign destroyed are now displayed orange in the news events.
- Attack on government locations will now be displayed light blue
- Attack on acre locations will now be displayed yellow

- "Special agent" tech 4 changed from 40 to 60 operation energy.
- "State militia" techh 3 changed into "Town guard" giving +1 defense to militia and policemen.
- "Defender" will now also give a cost reduction for towers and bunkers at acres and government locations.

- RESPECT AUTHORITY! wildcard now gives you 50 reputation instead of 25.

- Created a clan log page, here are all clan actions logged and can be viewed back on the clan page.
- Clan page interface updated with new government location bonusses.

Notification email:
- You will now receive a email notification when a ingame mail message is directed at you (only when its personally directed at you).
- You will now receive a email notification when a regional events occurs that affects your town.
- Both notifications can be deactivated at your account settings.

Interface changes:
- Added battle simulator icon to all attack pages.
- Army inventory no displays the right special unit images.
- General Relations chat channel removed.
- When in a clan, the clan chat channel will be the first to be shown.
- Moved clan message to the top of the "Townhall" page. Also direct link to the chat channels, including clan chat.
- On attack pages changed the order of buttons.
- Many other minor interface changes.

Bug fixes:
- Correct unit images are now shown in battle reports from government locations and other locations.
- Correct unit images are now shown in infiltration reports from government locations and other locations.
- Convoy info operation now works properly on map, no more point limit warnings.
- "Destroy bunker" operation against acre locations was not working properly, this issue is fixed now.
- Bug with clan chat when creating similar clan in other area is now solved.
- Solved a bug with instant travel, now works as intended. Only locations directly aligned to your location will instant travel be allowed or own home sector.
- When both towns are clanless "Trade resources" appeared on the town info page. Now resolved back to "Negotiate relations".
- Bug fixed where property could be given away to anyone when not in clan. Property can now only be given to clanmembers.
- Reorderd the research military tab. All unit bonusses are now on top.
- Infiltrate bug fixed, flats now show the current number.

We have also reset all chat texts because of the chat changes.

Goodluck to everyone!

The Outbreak Team
Posted January 12 2020 - 19:32
Waterworks and Car Depot added in the Kansas 1 area.
Posted January 12 2020 - 22:58
This is a fantastic update. Excited to see how the changes function.
Posted January 13 2020 - 04:56
good call on raising the negative public order on high taxes, ive built my city on minimal food rations and max taxes, and once you get a little ways into your town public order was too easy to manage.