The corona virus (latest news)

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Posted January 27 2020 - 11:41
Hey everyone,

As our game is also based on a large virus outbreak we are following the situation in China day by day. I thought it would be nice to have a news feed here about the whole situation.

Latest info:

The latest: At least 213 people are dead and more than 9,692 cases have been confirmed in mainland China, as the virus spreads globally.

Health emergency: World Health Organization has declared coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern.

Global problem: There are more than 9,700 cases worldwide. The outbreak has reached 20 places outside of China, including India and the Philippines.

China on lockdown: Nearly 60 million people have been under partial or full lockdown in Chinese cities for a week.

Evacuations: The UK, US, Japan, and several other countries are working to fly their citizens out of Wuhan.

I will keep the main post updated with the latest developments, please share and reply with any news that might be interesting :)

Posted January 27 2020 - 13:14
Thank you for letting us know about corona virus. I hope that this game will make us realize that virus outbreak could lead an entire nation into the state of anarchy.

P.S. 10000 gold and food ;)
Posted January 27 2020 - 21:45
I've actually been following this a bit too, everytime I search for the-outbreak news on it comes up before the site for the game actually. I know the media here likes to blow things out of proportion like with swine flu, it's unfair how something like this happens somewhere else and it barely makes our news coverage.
Posted January 28 2020 - 11:58
Yeah i feel the same way, the news on the subject is also very scarce in our country. Meanwhile the virus is spreading around the world, first patient now in Germany, our neighbor.
Posted January 28 2020 - 16:44
One of my coworkers freaked out because we got a package from Wuhan and told the post office not to send use stuff from there. Funny thing is the people they talked to had no idea there was a viral outbreak going on. I'm sure the mail has been sanitized since people coming on airplane from infected regions have to pass through only a few airports here where we have screening and stuff set up.
I work at a hotel with an attached restaurant, ironically it's called Tokyo steak and sushi but the people that run it are Chinese.
Posted January 28 2020 - 16:46
Haha, nice story.. made me smile :D
Posted January 28 2020 - 20:27
I certainly wouldn't have been very happy to receive a package like that either, but yeah I imagine it was sanitized beforehand.

Now onto the thing I really wanted to talk about, I have been recently looking at a fair number of articles and have seen/heard some peoples reaction to the Coronavirus, and I would like to point out a few things as I feel like there has been a fair bit of news articles that seemed to have caused at least a few people to panic or unnecessarily worry about it. While I do believe the Coronavirus/Wuhan situation should be taken very seriously and needs to be dealt with very carefully, I do also want to go over some facts regarding the seasonal flu outbreaks, as I don't quite think everyone realizes just how lethal the flu is in comparison to give an idea of how serious the Coronavirus situation is.

I will be including the sources/articles I have used or read below for those are curious about them. There are also fair number of articles that were posted on the discord as well by Derpew that I didn't include in the list of articles I read, but if people want I can fetch those for those that don't use discord and want to see those as well since I did read a couple of them in my off time.

I'll be mainly going over the statistics in this post, but if people want me to go over the actual nature of the viruses or other things, I can do some more detailed research later into the symptoms and prevention but that'll take a lot more time than I have today.

Now currently the number of cases of Coronavirus is numbered at 4,610 with the number of deaths at 106 according to CNN (2020/01/28; also please note that CNN did not specify whether the cases were confirmed or otherwise - simply referring to them as 'total' cases). However, I wanted to check at least one other source for these numbers as I've had some issues from CNN in the past being a bit misleading on some articles so I went to WHO and got a situation report.

The most recent public report on the Coronavirus is situation report 7 at the time of me writing this (2020/01/27), and it listed the number of confirmed cases at 2798 (with 2741 of those being in china alone), 5794 suspected cases in china, and 80 deaths in china alone (I did not see not see a number for deaths outside of china, so the statistics CNN has for deaths and total cases may very well be accurate, especially since this the report I obtained from WHO is a day old).

To put this into perspective, this year's flu season in the US alone has had roughly 15,000,000 to 21,000,000 flu illnesses, 140,000-250,000 hospitalizations, and 8,200-20,000 deaths (statistics from Oct. 1 2019 to Jan. 18th 2020, and are estimates based off of CDCs surveillance of key influenza indicators). That means the flu this year will have claimed roughly 2000 to 5000 deaths a month and the CDC hasn't even gotten a complete set of data for it this year.

Obviously there are some other factors to consider, but the flu has been more dangerous than the Coronavirus and most if not all of us deal with that on a yearly basis without panic. Now, as I stated in the beginning however, I want to reiterate the Coronavirus should be taken very seriously and a great deal of care should be taken with it, but at the end of the day most of us outside of affected areas should be fine and have no real reason to worry or panic - especially if you already practice good disease-prevention habits, or at the very least practice them while outbreak(s) are occurring.

I hope these statistics has been an interesting read for someone, and that each of you stays safe!


Articles of interest:
Posted January 28 2020 - 21:01
The corona virus is serious and too many memes are made this makes me happy to know people care for a actual problem
Posted January 28 2020 - 23:11
Thanks for the well worded info FavoriteNPC, I live in the U.S. in wisconsin so I'm pretty safe here regardless. Part of the problem for China is probably due to its densely packed urban areas.
Posted January 30 2020 - 11:59
I'm in PA so I live a lot closer to the coast than Wisconsin so your lucky
Posted January 30 2020 - 13:12
Once in a while living in a cold and less touristy state pays off.
Posted January 30 2020 - 22:42
Yeah this whole epidemic makes me feel safer living in a small mountain town.
Posted January 31 2020 - 11:13
Latest news on the virus: At least 213 people are dead and more than 9,692 cases have been confirmed in mainland China, as the virus spreads globally.

Opening post has been updated.

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