New round open for signup and change list!

Posted February 23 2020 - 19:14
Hey everyone,

Hereby we give you the list of changes we have made for the upcoming round. This update is aimed to balance out existing gameplay and improve existing features to bring them more in alignment with the total gameplay. Guide will be update later tomorrow and all changes are directly active for the Kansas 1 area..

The new round will start ticking again at 24 February, 20:00 GMT +1:00 or 2:00 PM EST. Until then you can prepare your first moves.

We hope you will all enjoy the changes and have a good new round!

- Battle simulator, you can now only use numbers lower then 10.000 to prevent crashes.
- Attacks on towns will not always be shown in the fairground news overview, no matter the amount of casaulties.
- When a town resigns or complete the game, his acres and government locations will now be reset with a small force of raiders or government troops on them.
- Every town will now start with 1 vault and 6 storage buildings.
- some minor interface changes.
- Lockdown protection for towns in the experienced area set to 12 turns instead of 8.
- Bad results for random events are now having a less heavily impact, especially late round.
- Somewhat less chance of getting a bad event on random events.

- General raider balancing, making them slightly weaker in general.
- Red Boars are excluded from both K1 and K2 when round is reset and acres are occupied.
- BoB will now only appear in the K3 area not before turn 300. When BoB appears it will open up the black market.
- When raider camps appear it can still be all gangs excluding BoB.
- Fallen angels will be spawned in a larger number.
- Troops and amount of towers slightly lowered for all raiders occupying acres and raider camps.
- Total number of camps for each area is now limited. K1 -> 5, K2 -> 10, K3 -> 15.

- New building for village acres "Market" generate extra tax income for max 250 villagers on that acre, 0.5 cash for each villager (tax bonus also apply on market income).
- New acre policy for villages "Safe haven" attracts extra populatino to your village acre.
- Max building space limit for acres is now 100 with a reset.

Some missions change to place them in a more logical order for towns progress.
- Mission level 1, Own 35 'Raw goods' buildings
- Mission level 27, Construct 4 flats
- Mission level 28, Secure Dam (Government)
- Mission level 34, Construct 4 refineries
- Mission level 35, Secure research facility (Government)
- Mission level 36, Build 4 bunkers

- "Spot convoys on map" (binocular icon on map page) operation changed, each time you have 50% chance to spot a convoy on the map. It will give another message when failed or when succesfull on the map.
- "Convoy information" is now more difficult and will only show 1 convoy when succesfull. Defcon now also applies for this operation.
- "Ambush patrols" operation now more difficult to execute, code design changed for picking targets, will now give more fair results for all targets.
- "Ambush patrols" on convoys, when there are no troops left and only vehicles, your vehicles will get destroyed until the whole convoy is destroyed.
- "Ambush patrols" on convoys, will now also target mortar teams. Mortar teams are safe at your town or other locations, since they will not patrol there.
- Operation attack bonus for having an alliance decreased.
- Operation defense bonus for being at war decreased.
- You can no longer target the locations of your clan members with operations.

- Minimum acount amount to auction for normal resources set to 100.
- You cannot put in a bid larger then the buyout amount.

Government locations:
- Government refineries now produce 2500 fuel instead of 1500.
- Fairground now gives a 25% bonus on spotting convoys when owned or hold by clan instead of showing all convoys.
- When holding the government, you can now only use the satellite once every 10 ticks, making infiltrate succeed 100%. When the satellite is ready, it will be used automatically.
- Holding the waterworks now gives a 10% farm bonus instead of 20%.

- You can now add bounties for destroying raider camps.
- Government will now generate bounties on raider camps.

- Clan limit for the K3 area increase from 4 to 5 players.
- Prices for clan focus all changed equally to 25000 cash.

- New award "Battle master" town that has scored the higher battle score at the end of the round.
- New award "Conqueror" town that has won the most battles.
- New award "Crushed" town that has lost the most battles.
- New award "Warlord" town that has destroyed the most raider camps.

- Bug: Farm penalty during winter is now set as supposed to be, 1/5 for K1, 1/3 for K2, 2/3 for K3 reduction of farm output during winter.
- Bug: When attacking a town it will now automatically declare war on your town.
- Other minor bug fixes.
- Minor text corrections.

The Outbreak Team