Found an old file

Posted February 23 2020 - 20:33
Found an old file on my computer of ideas for the game back when I was still playing. It is dated at the end of 2016 so this might give an insight of how some of the players were thinking about back in the day. Other than reformatting a little to fit the page better nothing has changed. Hope you enjoy.

Attack, 5. Defense, 2.
Cost: 750 cash. 200 food. 1 population.
Medium death rate. Medium kill rate.
No special.

Seasoned Hunter
Attack, 4. Defense, 3.
Cost: 600 cash. 200 food. 1 population.
Medium death rate. High kill rate.
Special: low upkeep.

Riot Police
Attack, 2. Defense, 3.
Cost: 700 cash. 200 food. 1 population
Medium death rate. Low kill rate.
Special: Less destruction and citizens killed if your population riots.

Penile Conscripts*
Attack, 1. Defense, 0. (not affected by town guard tech)
Cost: 50 cash. 50 food.
Very high death rate. Very low kill rate.
Special: Cannot be kept on acres or government locations. No cash upkeep. (cheap cannon fodder)

Attack 1, Defense, 2.
Cost: 2000 cash. 800 food.
Low death rate. Very low kill rate.
Special: reduces how many units die after battle by 0.03%, per medic. Take 2 unit spaces in the vehicle.
Specialized, Picked in town set up.

Shock Soldier, variant of soldier.
Attack 8, Defense, 6.
Cost: 1750 cash. 750, food.
Low death rate. High kill rate.
No Special

Sapper/Demolitions Man
Attack 6, Defense, 3.
Cost: 1800 cash. 800, food.
Low death rate. Medium kill rate.
Special: Destroys more building in an attack.

Demolition Jeep
Attack 10, Defense, 1.
Cost: 1250 cash. 500, food.
100% death rate. Very high kill rate.
Special: Destroys more buildings in an attack. Does not require vehicles to transport it.

Radio Tower)
Cost-25,000 stone, 20,000 cash 15,000 wood, 10,000 food, 300 electricity a tick and electricity in houses turned on. Effects-defcon can not decrease below force readiness.

Hydroponics lab)
Cost-400 stone, 500 cash, 500 wood, 150 food. ,40 power a tick.. Effects-50 food a tick, receives a mild production increase in summer and no penalty in winter.

Cost-600 cash, 400 wood, 400 stone, 600 food, 40 power a tick. 2 building spots. Effects-90 wood a week, penalty in winter.

Refugee camp/Shanty town)
Cost-100 stone, 600 wood, 250 cash, 250 food. Effects-25 population space.

Community center)
Cost-1000 stone, 1200 wood, 1500 cash, 800 food. Effects-Allows you to exchange food for public order. (Holding community feasts/parties to raise moral)

More map locations
Will generate militia (or penile conscripts) each tick.
High amount of AI defense. Low amount of fuel required to transport goods. Little amount of building space.

Generate cash income by 1000 each tick and town population growth increases by 0.4.
Moderate amount of AI defense. Moderate amount of fuel required to transport goods. Moderate amount of building space.

Scrap yard)
Generates 1 car each tick. Low amount of AI defense. Low amount of fuel required to transport goods. High amount of building space.

Able to produce 2 military items(poison, missile, ect.) of the players choosing each tick.
Moderate amount of AI defense. Requires a high amount of fuel to transport goods. Little amount of building space.

Port(Kansas City does have a port on the river)
Generate cash income by 2500 each tick. High amount of AI defense. Moderate amount of fuel required to transport goods. High amount of building space.

Generate cash income by 1000 each tick and town population growth increases by 0.4. Moderate amount of AI defense. High amount of fuel required to transport goods. Low amount of building space.

University) Increase resource income by 5%, decrease research costs by 5%. Low amount of AI defense. No fuel required. Little amount of building space.

Hospital) Decrease the amount of casualties after battles and decrease the amount of population that dies from riot or disease.
Medium amount of AI defense. High amount of fuel required. Little building space.

New Mechanics:
Auto sell: When toggled on once one of the player’s resources reaches a set amount (set by the player) it will sell a predetermined amount of that resource to the fairground market place. This will allow players to sell access goods if they wish.

Auto attack: When toggled on a player’s attack convoy will attack automatically half way through the week of its arrival. Allows players to recall a convoy if they change their mind and not waste time, and resources, if the player is not online to call the attack.

AI raider: Have AI generate and attack the top ten or 15 players at random intervolves past week 600. This is a way to help balance the round and to keep the top players always under some form of threat. Or perhaps have raider randomly take acres from the top players.

Random Market closers: Have both regular markets and black markets closes at random intervolves for a random amount of time. This will make give the auctions more use.
Posted March 05 2020 - 05:48
More ideas.
1) Resigned towns become raider camps. Makes sense to me, the leader leaves but the people remain. With out leadership they resort to raiding.
2) New heroes, Commissioner Rumpus and Prophet Franklin. My idea of these hero's is similar to the old Oregon Trail games. A farmer in that game is harder to win with but has 3x multiplier on the end score. With that said here is what I think, Prophet Franklin offers no additional defense or attack bonuses. He does not have any bonus public order or taxes. He has no bonuses in actual gameplay but he offers a point multiplier of 1.5 at the end of the round. Commissioner Rumpus offers 5% bonus for attacks, defense, tax, and +1 public order. So very little impact in game but offers a 1.25 multiplier at the end of the game. I do see how this can cause players to receive huge amounts of points that might not be so well earned, but the points end game only affects the player's overall ranking and the title they have. So is that really that big of a deal if someone goes from scout to sergeant in only a few games?
3) Random events are meh. They aren't bad but they could be better. I think having mixed result events would be fun and refreshing. The closest thing we have to it now is when nothing happens. I think it makes sense that some events are both good and bad. Have events like Rambunctious Parties, were a party got out of had and X amount of resources went missing but you gained X amount of public order. Another is State Conscription, X amount of your population got drafted but you received X amount of government reputation. The last one I can think of is Governor's Pardons, were the state governor pardons X amount of criminals (increased population) but X amount of cash got stolen. I also thought of a bad event Workers Strike, you will receive only 1/3 resource output for the turn,
4) Revamp the casino a bit. A would like to be able to place my own bets. If a player is able to make a bet larger than what they can now means they can earn(and lose) more money and the casino can see more use. Right now the only time I find myself using the casino in prematch.
5) I know it is stupid to suggest but I am still going to say it. The Shady Merchant, appears only once a game. He or she offers the player a really good deal, for only a measly million dollars they will give you a wildcard. However there is only a 15% chance that the Shady Merchant actually gives you something instead of taking your money and running. Furthermore, there is only a 5% chance that the wildcard you receive actually works. I know it is a bad idea but I like it. There is a problem of how to trigger this 'event' and how game changing another wildcard is. So I ask as always to give feed back and create your own ideas.
Posted March 17 2020 - 17:19
Its me, the idiot with a computer. I got a few more ideas. Some good, most are not.

1) In the past there have been talk about automating some features incase if someone is a little bit on the inactive side. I have another idea that should be easier to implement and have similar effects. Account siting. What is account siting? Well it is effectively letting someone have control of your account when you are away. This can easily be done if you have a friend you can trust but it would be nice to have it as a feature. I have seen this in some other games and it works rather well. It could be set up where the original account owner can always retract the sitter's ability to access the account. Of course this means the sitter can use the account like a puppet, though he probably won't be a sitter for long, and make actions the account holder doesn't want. Still something to consider as it will be more effective than automating some features.

2) Resource bounties. Bounties posted with a reward of resources instead of cash. I remember having this idea in the past and most people just saying that it was a dumb idea. Dumb idea it might be but here it is again.

3) Government bounties. It would make sense that the government of the state of Kansas will issue bounties on raiders. So random bounties on raiders is basically the name of the game.

4) The Government is basically nonexistent. I suggested a lot of ideas involving the Kansas state government because they basically do nothing. I understand that they are suppose to be weak but this weak? Perhaps have them mount more of an effort to retake government locations. This will mainly just make people defend their locations better. Just an idea though, we see raiders make an effort to take acres from players, why not see a better effort from the government.

5) Land auctions. The state of Kansas owns all the government locations, until Raiders or players takes it. Is it strange that the state of Kansas owns no acres? I think it would be interesting if the Kansas state government owned acre locations that they will auction off, or be stolen. This will allow an easier way for people to obtain acres in the early game, albeit at the cost of cash.

6) Jayhawkers. Kansas has a long history of civilian fighters. These rugged individual are known as Jayhawkers. Jayhawkers are shown to be good skirmishers and irregulars in history and I think that in a game set solely in Kansas, they should make an appearance. I would like to see some form of civil troop actually worth while so I think the Kansas Jayhawker will make an excellent addition to the game. I will let someone else that is smarter then myself theorize the stats of the famous Jayhawkers. I suggest looking back at the aforementioned articles of this forum post at the troops I suggested called season hunters and just rebrand the idea as the Jayhawker.

7) Hospital. There has been discussion of medics coming to the game to decrease the amount of casualties after a battle. This is the same idea but only applies for the defending army and population. I think is should be similar to how a trench works. It can only support a certain number of people and after that, no longer fully effective. Of course better troops takes a higher priority. As well as decreasing casualties I would assume it would decrease the number of people affected by epidemics and population poisoned by ops.

As always I suggest people to discuss these ideas further and come up with some of their own.
Posted March 26 2020 - 03:26
Look who is at it again, not me this time. I have heard a few people come up with some ideas and others has messaged me directly to put their ideas on this post. So the following ideas are mostly other people ideas.

1) What good are trenches? Trenches protect troops from incoming mortars. That is fine, I guess, but who honestly uses trenches. Other then the ones you have to build for the mission most people don't invest any more into trenches, I know I don't. They are a waste of building space and resources and in exchange they provide very little, not to mention that mortars destroy trenches. I have heard a few ideas of how to make them better. The simple idea is make them cheaper, hold more troops, and not be able to be destroyed by mortars. I don't think that would make much of a difference, people will still use resources and building spaces for more important building. Also some players just have loads of militia to soak up the mortar damage. One suggestion I heard was to make them provide a small defense score. For those that are wondering how a trench would provide a defense score, research trench warfare in world war 1 if you don't know. So I think that it makes sense that trenches can provide defense score, just a small one. The person didn't mention a defense number but I think 10 would be fine.

2) Being able to forward reports. Not much else to say about this, it would be a great quality of life feature.

3) Fairground changes. Someone gave me a few fairground changes, all of which does make sense. 1 change is to limit how frequently the fairground owner can open and close the black market. Right now the owner can open up the black market, buy there desired goods, and then close it. So having a cooldown of sorts that governs how frequently the black market can be turned off and on will provide a brief window of opportunity for people to get BM goods. Another idea I heard is the owner of the fairground can block all fairground news for one tick, can only use once every 24 ticks. It makes sense, seeing as how the news comes through the fairground. At the same time I don't think it is practical. I believe the idea is to cover up actions and to mislead, but there is a game chat. So it has the opportunity to cause confusion and cover up something, but in reality it won't. The last two ideas the person gave me is very similar so I will address them at the same time. The ideas are that the fairground owner can block the trade of one resource for a tick, can be used once evert 10 ticks and that the fairground owner receives 1% of the 10% transaction fee for trading resources. Block a trade seems like a good idea, could really hinder people who needs to buy food in winter. But with what is suggested I don't think it would be that impactful and changing the duration of the trade embargo will make it to powerful in my opinion. I can't think of a way to make it balanced. As for getting 1% of the 10%, I like it. If someone sells $1,000 of goods the transaction fee would take out $100, out of that $100 only $10 go to the fairground owner. It would be an inconsistent form of cash income and shouldn't be too over powered.

4) Someone messaged me to ask questions about the tech tree, then it turned into them telling me about their change ideas about it, more accurately they thought of an entirely new branch on the tech tree. The new branch is from level one to level four: Xenophobes, Internal Industry, Rouges Gallery, and Irregulars. The Xenophobes tech give 5% defense against operation attacks. Internal Industry gives a 5% production bonus to stone, wood, and food income. Rouges Gallery allows the player to loot 10% extra resources from a successful attack. Irregulars will generate a random number of police, militia, and agents when attacking or defending. The flow of the tech goes as follows: If the player picks Xenophobes then they are able to pick Defender or Internal Industry for the level 2 tech. If the player picks Internal Industry then they are able to pick Border Patrol or Rouges Gallery for the level 3 tech. If the player picks Rouges Gallery then they can pick Dig In or Irregulars for level 4 tech. Personally I can see how the techs fit and would work in the game. I would suggest that for the Rouges Gallery tech the bonus loot be 5% extra instead of 10%. I would also suggest that the Irregulars (which I love that they used this word over, say, gorilla fighters or skirmishers) only generate 1 type of troop instead of three. I would say agents and no more than 300 of them. At base 300 agents would have 1,200 defense and attack. I don't know if it should be effected by bonuses or not.

People have messaged me several troop and building ideas, some are decent ideas while others are more...unique. Some ideas repeat other ideas and some are a bit to unique for my to suggest. Below are some of the better ideas I have read through.

Civil Units
1) The Infected
Cost: 400 cash 200 food.
Stats: 1 attack 1 defense.
Special: effect is that the infected is able to infect, and kill, citizens when attacking. Max of 3 citizens killed per infected.

2) Pyromaniac
Cost: 900 cash 400 foods.
Stats: 3 attack 3 defense.
Special: destroys X amount of food storage. Better the victory the more resources are burned.

Special Units:
1) Grenadier
Cost: 1600 cash 800 food
Stats: 6 attack 4 defense
Special: Takes one unit space in car. Basically acts like a portable mortar but only with half the effects of a regular mortar. Cheap mans mortar.

2) Skirmishers
cost: 1200 cash 800 food
Stats: 5 attack 3 defense
Special: very low death rates medium kill rates.


1) Guard Station: defensive structure that takes no energy to run but only provides 20 defense points. Costs: 350 cash 800 wood 700 food 200 stone

I appreciate that people reached out to me. I want people to create their own ideas and have a conversation about them. You ideas are always appreciated and I will always welcome them. Of course as always feel free to discuss these ideas and if you have an idea but don't want to say it yourself, feel free to DM (direct message) me and I will say it for you.