Player Profiles

Posted October 17 2015 - 14:22
I was thinking a few days back that a personalised player page may be nice!
One that can have your own profile picture along with all the usual ranking/points info that is on the current one!
I think it should also possibly have a spot for a town flag! Or this is held for the clan tag/flag
But Im not sure about setting a clan system outside the game as half of the fun here is working with people you never thought you would, often without even know who they are!
With that in mind it would also then need a secondary page for what ever name you are using in the game.
Essentially two pages. Both are Visible to all, but they are not linked together until the game ends, unless you are the actual player and need to access them.
Then in the actual game, as someone hovers over a town you see a small town or Clan flag or Profile pic or both? Actually scrap that, it would make the map cluttered, rather the pic only appears on the town info page!
And yes I saw the post about clan flags and had thought along similar lines the second time I played. As I loved my first clan symbol, but hated the second.
But I can also see the validity in pre-generated clan tags as there is then no way of people posting bad/rude/nasty tags that may offend or putting copyrighted images up.
However it would make the game more personalised!
Posted October 17 2015 - 16:11
Sorry seems to have posted twice? I possibly clicked the back button and it re-pasted!
Posted October 20 2015 - 16:37
great idea :)

we will put it on the list for next round!