New round open for signup and change list!

Posted May 17 2020 - 14:50
Hey everyone,

Hereby we give you the list of changes we have made for the upcoming round. Its again mainly a quality and balance update, but we also have some new features.
Especially we have worked hard on improving mod tooling for detecting multi accounts. The round will start ticking at 18 May 20:00 GMT +1:00 / 2:00 PM EST.

Changes are directly active for the K1 area, also all chats have been reset except for the 'All areas' and 'General K1' chat.

We hope you will all enjoy the changes and have a good new round!

- Map preview, each area will now have a map preview. Here you can see the position of acres and goverment locations for that specific area.
- Hero info can now also been seen from the main page in the area rankings overview of each specific area.
- With the reduced round lenght adjustment a couple or rounds ago, we are cutting all research times by 20%, except for "Genius Idea".
- You cannot collect bounties put on allies when having an alliance with the target town.
- Bugs fixed and spelling corrections.

Map generator:
- Reset script update, max acres a sector can hold is now limited to 3. Acres are hopefully more divided around the map this way.
- Government locations are slightly more likely to be push towards the center of the map.

- Trenches can now protect up to 4 troops against incoming mortars and missiles. When it hits a unit has a 60% chance to take succesfully cover when a trench is available.
The unit will then be saved and the trench it hit instead. Each trench can take 2 hits before its destroyed (this counts for each location).
- Bikers are now protected in the same way as normal troops by trenches (this counts for all locations).

- When attacking a town with mortars slightly more hits are directed to units over buildings, making trenches more important to protect your troops.
- Being less trained in warfare, militia only have 40% chance to take succesfully cover in a trench instead of 60% when hit by mortars or missiles
- Mortar teams casaulties are revised and are now more in line with soldiers. Especially some weird casualty anomolies among mortar teams are fixed.
- Bikers inflict increased casaulties against mortar teams aswell as in defense as in attack.

- Wildcards can no longer be used before the round has started.
- New wildcard added "Crackdown" raises public order to 100.

- Using the satelite when owning the Capital, is now a seperate operation. It will be available as soon as you own the capital and your satelite is ready.
- Big missile launched from Missile Silo can now also be launched against Raider camps. A new option for launching as a seperate operation is now available in the operation overview against towns and raider camps.
- When the big missile is launched, the news overview will now show from which location it came.

Moderation tooling:
- Improved tooling for checking on using alternative accounts.
- The script is now able to detect the use of proxy servers and VPNs and generates a flag. When your account is under investigation, we might ask you to explain or temporarily disable it.
- More details about devices and other client info is now logged for investigation purposes.
- Login details like time and location are now traced in more detail for investigation purposes.

Outbreak team

Posted May 17 2020 - 21:08
How do we sign up for a new round?
Posted May 17 2020 - 22:28
I got it, thanks.
Posted May 19 2020 - 04:05