George Floyd and the Riots/Protests

Posted June 03 2020 - 05:41
I want to preface this, by saying this post is in no way endorsed, or supported by the others in the mod team and does not express their personal opinion. This post is purely my own, and I wish for it to be treated as such. There may be inaccuracies in some of the details here, but please bear with me as I'm not an expert and don't know everything about what's going on.

I'll start this off by going over the basic story of what happened to George Floyd, again I don't know all the details of the situation, but he was allegedly arrested for using a counterfeit bill. He was then restrained and cuffed, after which point Derek Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd's neck for over 8 minutes, which led to his death.

Most officers are trained (I believe all of them are supposed to receive some kind of training to this effect, even security guards and similarly trained persons also receive something akin to this) to specifically never put their body weight/knee on someone's neck/airways, and I believe most people can agree that this never should have happened - in fact I don't think I've heard a single person who thinks otherwise. I do not think was necessarily an act of racism on Chauvin's part based off what is currently known, but I do know that it is police brutality and not acceptable under any circumstances regardless of race.

However, there appears to be some misconceptions with the riots in some circles, especially on some social media platforms. I don't know if anyone here in the community believes them, but I wanted to address what's going on regardless. A fair number of sources are claiming these to be "peaceful protesters" and are even trying to raise bail money or other things for them. Now, there are some people that are actually trying to protest peacefully, and be decent people, and that's fantastic and nobody would have a problem with that normally especially after a tragedy like this as I don't think there's anyone in the world that doesn't agree that Floyd was killed unjustly.

There is however an incredibly large amount of rioters and thugs, which have hijacked the movement, of which some belong to terror groups such as Antifa (and arguably elements of the BLM movement). I want to also clarify, I do not believe these rioters necessarily represent the majority of the black community - there is no reason for the black community to burn down their own homes and businesses or harm their own movement by spreading hate and destruction.

Many of the rioters have brought bricks, boards, knives, molotovs, and other things - even firearms and explosives in some cases. They are burning and looting cities, all in the name of Floyd - who was, to my knowledge, anti-violence, and who's family has condemned these rioters for using their son's name in this way. They are even targeting in some cases the protesters that are actually trying to be peaceful. < Explosive being tossed at police (30s) < Female officer being dragged away to be beaten (2m) < Bricks being planted for use in riots (1m) < Looters looting a Target (1m) < women in wheelchair being attacked (1m) (just a reminder that not all persons using a wheelchair are incapable of walking - part of my job is effectively working as an assisted living aide, and the people I work with often use wheelchairs when going out despite being capable of walking as walking for extended periods or over greater distances is quite difficult for them)

These are just a few examples of what's going on at these riots. Now, I do believe there is need of police reform - there are bad police, and police do need better training, with that said, there are also a lot of good police, and to project the idea that all police are racist or bad, is not only wrong, but hypocritical and certainly does not justify any form of violence - peaceful protest has long been a tradition in this country and is a right protected by the constitution, and have been able to bring about enormous change in this country. Violent riots on the other hand, are not a right nor should be normalized or defended.

Now I want to make it clear one last time, I don't think everyone out there is evil or engaging in these activities - there are good people out there that are trying to make a positive difference, but this violent behavior being used and justified by Floyd's death is unacceptable and should not be tolerated by anyone, and has again, been condemned by Floyd's family. There is no reason for any sensible and civil person to ever endorse or support these riots, no matter the reason behind them.

As Martin Luther King Jr., a man who understood the power of peaceful protest, once said, "Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate; violence multiplies violence."

If you're looking to see and know more of what's going on, here are some additional videos/articles - some of them go over the riots and protests in more detail than others, and couple mainly are just condemnations of them. The videos going over the riots tend to be more conservative in nature, however, please do not let that dissuade you from watching/listening to them provided you have the time to do so. < Floyd's brother calling for peace (3m) < Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, condemning rioters & asking people to go home (5m) < Ben Shapiro, on the Riots and Looting (1 hour) < PragerU, interviewing rioters (3m) < Elijah Schaffer, on the Riots in Dallas (30m) < Steven Crowder, stream that goes over CNN's bad coverage of the situation; features interview with Elijah Schaffer (~5 hours) < Steven Crowder, surveying the damages from riots in Dallas (45m)
Posted June 07 2020 - 05:22
Nail on the head my friend, nail on the head.
Posted June 07 2020 - 05:27
Wonder why no one had posted anything...? I fully support the right to protest. That’s what makes America a great place to be. The issue is, as you mentioned, the thugs, radical groups and even foreign entities fueling the violent and unacceptable actions of the elitist. The world MUST wake up and realize that we are all pawns i this giant game of chess played by the elite. This ‘plan’ is at least 50-60 years in the making and could even be a few hundred years in the making. Don’t be sheep. Be sheep dogs.
Posted June 07 2020 - 05:37
nobody asks because nobody knows what to say
Posted June 08 2020 - 00:29
There's a lot of reasons people might not have posted/said anything both here and in other places - some people might not have the time or the energy (think about how many people watch a video versus how many comments or likes/dislikes there are for example - there's usually a lot more views than there are interactions), or as said by the-kingdom, people don't necessarily know what to say. I think there's also a fair number of people that are also scared to speak, and I can't blame them - I was hesitant to make the original post because I initially thought I'd end up getting a fair number of hostile messages my way and didn't really want to deal with it as demonizing people with differing opinions is somewhat normalized in the world we live in.

Even though I wasn't entirely happy with it (I spent a couple hours writing it out, and felt that it was still not exactly well-written or the most thought-out post that could have been made), I still ended up posting it anyway as I figured something was better than nothing and knew that there was a fair chance if I didn't post something, then there probably wouldn't be a post at all about it and that didn't really sit well with me either.

It's hard to speak up when you feel like you might have an angry mob on your back - words are a powerful thing when used properly, and horribly destructive when used carelessly, but no matter their usage they can only do so much against pitchforks and torches.
Posted June 12 2020 - 03:49
I fully understand and support you NPC!!
Posted June 15 2020 - 05:43
its crazy whats going on
Posted June 15 2020 - 14:36
just so you know it was 9 min and the police man that did that had done stuff like that before....this was just the first time he killed someone....
Posted June 22 2020 - 03:27
I’m glad this is being talked about. I will say that the GOOD police make up 99% of the force here in America and maybe even world wide. There are a few bad apples; and they make up the 1%. Many years ago there was a rebellion that rose up and was occupying Wall Street, here in America. This was against the 1% Elitist (extremely wealthy bankers, politicians, businessmen(women) and world leaders) these people make up the upper echelon of what’s going on here and all over the world. Please know that they are controlling us and forcing fear tactics upon us which in return is putting man against man, color against color and country against country. There’s MUCH more to say but I’ll leave you guys on that note. Call me crazy if you will but I’ve been awake for many many years and know what type of psy ops are being used. Every possible outcome has been planned out and ‘they’ know how we will respond to everything thrown at us.

**mic drop
Posted June 22 2020 - 14:51
Glad this is being talked about! I don't really support the riots well, my house almost got burned down by fire by the riots. But, we will make black equal as much as white lives!
Posted June 24 2020 - 13:41
Oi....did you even read my post!? Ha
Yes, I’m glad this is being talked about. People should not be afraid to speak their mind; this goes for you as well. The riots and destruction are out of control and I have something for them if they decide to come down my street;) A lot of people are angry and most disagree with the actions of these protestors. It’s okay to speak your mind and decide to not agree with someone. That’s the good thing about being in America. Some people, however, in other countries are shot for speaking out. The states govern themselves here in the US and the people are supposed to control the politics but the elite have hijacked the politicians pockets and the message that EVERY protest brings.
Posted November 22 2020 - 03:56
he kinda deserved it he decided to swallow bunch of drugs and on the way to the hospital he died from it the cops didn't kill him he did it was a suicide sad what happened to those cops just because of a misunderstanding of how someone died