PvE Beta test signup open!

Posted September 15 2020 - 12:39
Hey everyone,

We have just openend up the signup for the new PvE beta test! You will need an currently none-playing account to join us. If you dont have one, just logout your current one, create a new account and use the following email adres: beta@the-outbreak.com

Steps to join:
- Log in with your account (which is not active in a current area).
- Use this link to join the Beta test area: https://www.the-outbreak.com/signup_pve.php?areaid=4
- When you are active on discord, leave me a message and i will add you to the beta-tester group so we can discuss everything that comes up.

Again, if you only have currently playing accounts, please create a new account with beta@the-outbreak.com as email adres. The tutorial will be skipped and you will go directly to the beta test signup page.

Note, since this is a beta test we will watch progress closely but unpredictably situations might occur.

I hope a lot of you all will join us on this new journey :)

Posted September 21 2020 - 20:12
Hey everyone,

The beta test has started! Have fun everyone and please join us on discord to have a chat with the other beta testers.

A little information about what to expect in say the first 50 weeks:
- BoB camps will spawn
- First BoB attack wave on towns
- BoB agents will get active for a certain period in the area

For each events message will appear and thus your town will be warned.

Enjoy playing and stay safe everyone!
Posted October 15 2020 - 09:45
Beta test is closed, the round has finished and we are going to evaluate how things went and do some changes.

Keep following our channels for a new start :)