The Outbreak Diaries's #14 Paranoia (sneak peak)

Posted September 15 2020 - 19:56
Hi everyone Iron_side here
Im the head writer for the outbreak Diaries and can I say it has been an absolute joy to write.
I'm excited to say we are making real headway on the next, and possible longest Diaries entry yet!
It's still a way out so in the meantime here's a sneak peek for entry number 14 Paranoia
Happy reading and stay safe yall!

The Mayours Journal: October 1, 2039
Three days had passed since we got back from that bandit encampment. In those three days I had read sixty-two angry letters, fifteen death threats, made eight public statements, and gave orders to suppress a riot that turned out to be three angry drunk guys armed with broken bottles and a stick one found on the side of the road. To be fair, 12 of those letters and 2 of those public statements had to deal with the public bathrooms that were overflowing. That was easy to deal with. The other issue… well, I think it would be an understatement to say people aren't taking a liking to their new neighbors.

One of Brigs’ “agents”, which she is now demanding we call her men, went missing and was found a day later face down in a ditch. Part of his skull was caved in and his throat was repeatedly slashed. We only found the culprit because the idiot who did it was walking through the middle of town with a large duffle bag and a bloodstain on his boot. A quick search on the guy and we found an equally blood-stained jacket, carpenters hammer, and box cutter hidden in the duffle bag.

Now I have a murderer locked away and I have no idea what to do with him. On one side there's Brigs and the agents who want this man executed, and then there's the rest of the town who think he's a hero and should be paraded through town. I need to make both parties happy and I got no idea how. I'd be tearing my hair out if it wasn't for the stash of bourbon and malt liquor that I found in the basement of the old house I claimed.

Besides a few reports on the murder investigation and the riot suppression, Phil hasn’t said a word to me. Brigs isn't much better either, she's off on her own little world with her boys playing soldier. So pretty much I'm on my own. Anyone who I could have asked for help or advice is not gonna provide that now and the entire town seems out to get me. Truth be told I'm about ready to just turn around and go back to the military camp and ask Jackson to run this shit show. At least he seems like he knows what he's doing.

I feel for those politicians me and Phil use to shout at. We’d be chilling at his house, beer in hand, cursing businessmen with the last name we couldn't pronounce for making a deal with a foreigner dictator or king we knew nothing about. As much of a scumbag as those guys where I feel for them now. Maybe I did make a mistake that risked the “sovereignty and safety” of New Hope, but I was trying to think long term. The fuck am I talking about anyway? I should just be trying to keep things simple until I actually figure out how to run a town.

I guess in the meantime while Phil and I are on a work-only speaking basis I can always spend the night with my good friend Jim Beam. I should have a bottle of that lying around somewhere. Who knows… maybe while I’m wasted I’ll think up some solution for this whole mess… god I hope I do.