Posted February 04 2021 - 21:18
i destroyed a raiders camp and it said i won because my mortars destroyed them before my troops could attack so if my mortars automatically destroyed the raiders why did some of my soldiers die?
Posted February 06 2021 - 17:13
You better read your battle report again , or copy it and send it to me !
Posted February 06 2021 - 17:30
Subject: Battle won!! Equites_Ordinis vs Raiders camp 19


Because of our incoming mortars, the enemy was ready for us..

Score summary
DefenderAttackerBase score:40-Troops:4041140
Structures:75-Bonus score:+ 103.8+ 627Surprise:-+ 0Total score:622.81767


Our forces have won the battle and destroyed the Raiders camp 19!!


Attacking mortar fire:

Our mortars fired on their positions hitting, 74 militia, 5 trenches, 1 tower, 49 Agents, 4 Soldiers, 7 Bikers, causing great damage! causing panic among the defenders.


Enemy defensive structures hindered our advance and managed to kill: 0 militia, 0 policemen, 0 agents, 0 soldiers, 1 bikers and 1 mortar teams

Defender Attacker
Death Militia 121 Death Militia 0
Death Policemen 0 Death Policemen 0
Death Agent 79 Death Agent 0
Death Soldier 5 Death Marine 11
Death Biker 15 Death Biker 4
Death Mortar team 0 Death Mortar team 14

Looted army supplies from casaulties Vehicles captured
18250 Cash 8 Vehicles

Our forces have found 47800 cash when searching the camp, probably loot from their raids, and we gained 37 government reputation! We have gained 71 battle score.

From the General staff, week 197

Posted February 06 2021 - 19:52
And you did not see it yourself ??

Your mortars hit 74 defending militia but in total there were 121 death militia in defense. 49 defending agents were killed during the mortar attack, but in total the defenders lost 79 agents etc. ...... So the defenders that survived the initial mortar attack killed some of your troops and were not killed by your mortars but during battle with your other troops.
And the remaining surviving defenders have fled the battlefield to regroup somewhere in Kansas;))
Posted February 06 2021 - 21:28
oh but i thought my mortars wiped everything out immediately