Dev-chat summary

Posted April 15 2021 - 13:09
Hello everyone,

First we would like to thank everyone who participated in our latest dev-chat session! We have received some awesome feedback and great ideas for more improvements of the game! Its much appreciated as we are currently working on some big changes for the game.

Quick summary on some important matters:

- New developer, Jais (aka Lobsterjonn), has joined the development team and is taking his share in the outbreak project, becoming an co-owner of the game.
- On this moment we are working on "The Big Symfony" update, we may refer to it more often and its plannend to be finished in Q3 this year. It will be a totally code redesign of the game to a new framework, making it better, more modern and more stable for future purposes.
- Clan size limit, we are going to drop the clan size limit for next round, so clan are no longer limited to a specific size. Together with the community we have decided to give this a try. Players working together will do so anyhow, no matter if they are in the same clan or not. So this will include everyone in the clan they wish, instead of having some outsiders helping out certain clans.

These and many more topics were discussed, we have noted all suggestions and ideas and plan to work them out in the coming months.

You also wish to contribute in the development of the game? Join us on discord and even become a contributor by contacting one of the moderators.