Posted April 21 2021 - 00:54
okay my town in k2 is called your_ass and i want to know why i have to redo all the missions because i played the last round and i finished eveythign and it should've let my town be level 40 right when i started in this round so whats happening?
Posted April 21 2021 - 01:00
plus its especially annoying because now i have to spend all my time leveling and all of my resources are gone now so my town is gonna stay weak untill the later parts of the game so please tell me this is a bug and fix this
Posted April 23 2021 - 13:22

Take a close read to the following guide section:

The round has restarted so everyone his town has been reset, the game is played in rounds, when an round ends, rewards and prizes are claimed and the round starts over.

If anything still isnt clear, let us know.