Different builds

Posted May 10 2021 - 06:35
I just wanted to make this to discuss all the different builds that you can try out in the game
Posted May 10 2021 - 06:37
so what i have found is that a more high attack build with gen johnson i think? and with attack bikers or quads and with certain tech tree perks can be really good for leveling your town fast but i tried a more defensive build and it takes way longer to level my town but i wanted to figure out a build that could just gain as many points as possible
Posted May 11 2021 - 07:22
if you're looking mainly for points gain, merchant jesse or a custom hero with some mix of tax bonuses and offense work well. the bonus to your economy allows you to build units and structures more quickly, which gives more points obviously. while jesse doesn't have any attack/defense bonuses, the extra income if used well can make up for it by simply training more troops/structures to make up some of the difference though if you're slow to spend resources it makes you an easy target for raiders and thieves.

as for what builds I've done, I've played each hero and special at least once, though some of the heroes I've played were before public order was added to the hero stats, so a few things were different about them then. for the most part, when I'm not using custom heroes, I stick to either general johnson, merchant jesse, or agent smith depending on what I'm doing.

as for specials, I've found that the way I tend to play favors certain specials over others - usually play seals as I tend to be overzealous with operations and they give a decent boost towards them. however, when k3 was around, once I'd gained a bit of experience there I primarily played some form of biker special for a while, usually assaults as the high attack and quick speed allowed for fast acre gathering and raiding of inactive towns.

Basically I observed how some of the other top players were playing, and adapted their strategies into my own in some fashion, which is just a good habit to have - and even if someone isn't a top player, they can still have some useful tactics. I recall there were a series of newer players which went heavy on police/militia and were largely successful in causing trouble for some experienced players as the units soaked up damage instead of their actual armies which led me to realizing the real value of having a sort of cheap spammable army in conjunction with a more experienced, traditional one for example.

as for tech tree, when we had the old tech tree I'd usually go socialist for cheaper flats since I'd go heavy on building them, and make my way down to special agent - I view special agent as a very powerful tech in my eyes, but as I said earlier I'm also quite heavy on ops, even when I'm not playing a dedicated ops build. with the new tech tree, its probably going to be fairly similar, with me grabbing operative instead of socialist, and still making my way down to special agent because again I like ops and the 2 techs have excellent synergy with each other. that being said, I want to try out some of the new techs, so might be a little bit before I get to play my preferred tech path in a game outside invasions.

bit much to read, but hope something here is valuable both for you, and for others who stop by