The New Republic

Posted October 29 2015 - 01:36

Welcome to The New Republic resource and forum page, it is a pleasure to meet you Comrade!

As a member of The New Republic, We would like you to join our Alliance, our Clan, our Allied or Axis power if you will. With us you shall see what true power we hold within our ranks. We are currently Stationed in Kansas 1 and our leader is Forward-Unto-Dawn.

In recent times our people have fallen into hardship, and for what? Well we fell into hardships to rise out of the fire of the salamander, out of the ashes of the Phoenix only to rise and rise ever higher to meet and stare death in the face to say, "We are here and we will not fall!" Continually we have battled, we have fought for respect, we have shed blood and never tears on the battlefield so that we may rise and kiss the sky with our own fingers! To join us you will face not only glory but you will do more than that. You shall die, all of us will one day, but instead dying in vain you shall go down in a blaze of glory! War, never changes, hardships never change, however people do change. But unlike most people war does not frighten us, it does not make us weak, depressed, it brings us together to further strengthen us so that we may conquer the region and to help those to victory!

To say a few short reasons and attributes to join our Clan is below.

Here is a list of the attributes you will receive in The New Republic:

-Free Trade; you, within our clan, shall receive tariff free trade among our ranks to goods and services ranging from Food, Cash, Oil and other resources.

-Protection; should you be attacked by a hostile domain we shall send in our troops to retaliate, going as far as to obliterating the enemy's Civilian and Military population so to prevent further confrontations.

-Freedom of speech; you, within our clan or elsewhere, will be able to say what ever you may like so long as it does not contradict any rules.

-Voting rights; you will be able to vote for whomever you like to be your leader and you will not be judged for who you voted for or why so long as it is justifiable. No matter what your views may be on the current leader it will NOT affect your social or political status in the Clan.

Should you have any problems with another clan you cannot, by any means, attack the other clan member and must report the issue to fellow Clan members. This is to prevent conflict(s) and/or a Clan war. The Leader will bring this up with the other Clan leader and it will be settled.

Should there be a Clan war or a personal war and it has been processed and allowed then you may attack and use all if any resources to contribute to the war effort.

Diplomacy is encouraged in The New Republic!

"Death is the solution to all problems-no man, no problem." -Joseph Stalin
Posted October 29 2015 - 01:38
Should you have any questions or you are applying to The New Republic please post in the comments below.
Posted October 29 2015 - 03:36
NATO wishes you peace.
Posted October 29 2015 - 03:50
Did you just read a book or something? This sounds like something from Fahrenheit 451 mixed with some other book. And are you making a mini America clan in Kansas? This sound a bit like the U.S. Constitution.
Posted October 29 2015 - 05:36
LoL, I'm sorry but Angelica cracked me up on this one.

I love the creativity. I complimented someone in the past for showing imagination when it comes to this game. Without it the game still works, but with it the game can be a little more bright and expressive.

So, props on the effort. And hey maybe you should draw of a clan constitution and post it in your forum, going in stride with Angelica's message. :)

! -> Wolves not Far!!! in K1

Posted October 29 2015 - 12:30
We are only trying to bring peace to the land. There is a small Fahrenheit reference, thank you. I am only trying to make sure we are known not as the people who have no order but the people with order. We are (I) are trying to install an everlasting presence in the land. NATO peace is an option that will be taken greatly, do speak with Unto-Dawn.
Posted October 29 2015 - 12:31
And no, I did not just read a book. All of that you read was from the mind and soul.
Posted October 29 2015 - 19:01
Lol Un_Stoppable! No offense New Republic but you went slightly ( very) overboard with you recruitment strategy. But great job for the effort.

And Wolves no far! XOXO your walking dead reference! The Only Wolves Rule!
Posted October 29 2015 - 20:19
Please no comments unless you have proper clan questions or you are applying.
Posted November 01 2015 - 18:48
Though I am no longer in this Clan I will still update it for you all in Kansas 1!