6.2 Aggressive operations

The Outbreak - Spy on target Spy on target, can be done from townlevel 13. You’re agents spy the chosen town from a very safe distance and hand to you the little information of what they saw.
The Outbreak - Check relations Check relations, can be done from level 13. Check the current relations of an enemy town.
The Outbreak - Gather convoy information Gather convoy information, can be done from level 13. Your agents try to gather information about moving convoys from the targeted town. Special: You only receive xp when an actual convoy is spotted.
The Outbreak - Raid trading convoy Raid trading convoy, can be done from level 13. Your agents try raid a convoy on his way to or leaving the target town, capturing it's resources. Special: When you first perform the 'Convoy information' operation, you can select a specific convoy to raid.
The Outbreak - Gather information Gather information, can be done from level 13. Gives you a report with a random amount of town events from the target.
The Outbreak - Infiltrate Infiltrate, can be done from level 15. Walking through a town as a stranger sometimes get you killed but if you survive you gather information on their buildings and resources and the strenght of their army.
The Outbreak - Sabotage windmill Sabotage windmill, can be done from townlevel 16. When succesfuly performed you destroy one windmill. Special: The more windmills the enemy has, the better success of damaging one.
The Outbreak - Hijack cars Hijack cars, can be done from level 22. Go into the enemy town and steal a random amount of vehicles from the enemy. Special: Garages count as extra defense and lower success chances. More vehicles an enemy has on other hand, it gets easier to steal them.
The Outbreak - Steal fuel Steal fuel, can be done from level 17. Steal a random amount of fuel from the enemy, out of the cars or just out of the depot. Special: More fuel, better success chance, more gets stolen.
The Outbreak - Sabotage food Sabotage food, can be done from level 18. Destroys a random amount of food, stored by the target. Special: More food, better success chance, more gets sabotaged.
The Outbreak - Poison population Poison population, can be done from level 23. It’s rather difficult to poison the people of a town without the enemy noticing it. But if you succeed you can withhold the enemy of valuable cash income. Special: More population, better success chance, more get poisoned.
The Outbreak - Ambush patrols Ambush patrols , can be done from level 25. Kills an random amount and type of enemy troops. Special: Mortar teams will never appear in the results, since they don't patrol.
The Outbreak - Carbomb checkpost Carbomb checkpost, can be done from level 28. It’s rather easy to drive with an old car packed with dynamite to a checkpost and bail while driving. This is the easiest way to destroy an enemy checkpost. Special: The more checkpost the enemy has, the better success of damaging one. Roadblock gives extra protection against carbombs.
The Outbreak - Destroy buildings Destroy buildings, can be done from level 31. Destroys a random amount and type of enemy buildings.
The Outbreak - Fire missile Fire missile, can be done from level 32. Stand on a hill and fire a missile directed into the enemy town. Destruction guaranteed unless you miss of course. Missiles don’t come cheap, these must come from the black market.
The Outbreak - Destroy bunker Destroy bunker, can be done from level 36. Destroys a bunker. Special: The more bunkers the enemy has, the better success of damaging one.

When performing aggressive operations on other towns, there are a couple of factors that will make the operation easier or harder.

OperationAgent levelRelationsDefconCheckpostSpecialCritical
Spy on targetYesYesNoNoNoYes
Check relationsYesYesNoNoNoYes
Convoy informationYesYesNoNoYes Yes
Gather informationYesYesYesYesNo Yes
Raid trading convoyYesYesYesNoYes Yes
InfiltrateYesYesYesYesNo Yes
Sabotage windmillYesYesYesYesYes Yes
Hijack carsYesYesYesYesYes Yes
Steal fuelYesYesYesYesYes Yes
Sabotage foodstockYesYesYesYesYes Yes
Ambush patrolsYesYesYesYesYes Yes
Poison populationYesYesYesYesYes Yes
Carbomb checkpostYesYesYesNoYes Yes
Fire missileYesYesYesNoNo Yes
Destroy buildingsYesYesYesYesNo Yes
Destroy bunkerYesYesYesYesYes Yes

Agent level: Aswell as in defensive or offensive a higher agent level gives you a extra success or defense bonus.

Relations: When you have concluded a NAP with the target town, you receive a minor succes bonus. When you have concluded an alliance with the target town, you receive a major succes bonus.

Defcon: Defense of town town rises each time you perform this operation on the target town.

Checkpost: Checkpost give a extra defence bonus against this operation. When your town is without power their protection against special operations is reduced with 50%. There is no limit on how many checkpost you can have, but the defence number generated by the amount of checkpost is random, having more checkpost can make this number higher.

Special: This operation has a special modifier, more information on the operation below.

Critical: This operation has a chance of getting a critical attack, if so this operation always successeed. The chance of scoring a critical hit is 1 in 10.

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