8. Attack

When there is a town annoys you or is just filthy rich, you can decide to attack. By sending in your army you will loot the town depending on the outcome of the battle.

To keep the game more fair for new or smaller players, there are some protection rules:

- Towns of level 11 and lower have a 200 weeks 'No rush' protection.
- You cannot attack players which have less than 2/3rd of your points. To calculate if you can attack a lower town: your points - (points / 3)
- Our troops do not dare to attack a player with 1/3rd more then our points. To calculate if you can attack a higher town: your points + (points / 3)

If the target is not protected, you can make an attack move by meeting the following conditions:

- Can you see the other town on the map?
- Is your town and the other player level 12 or higher? (only first 200 ticks/weeks)
- Does the enemy town have more then 4000 points?
- Do you have an army?
- Do you have enough vehicles? (10 men per vehicle, mortar teams take 3 seats and bikers 0)
- Do you have enough fuel to travel?
- Do you have enough food? (if your town has ran out of food the convoy will return home immediately)

When you have sent out your attack convoy succesfully, you can attack on the moment it arrives. An attack consists of different phases, at the last fase the result is calculated and sent to you as a message.

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