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5.1 Clan

Within the game players are able to start or join existing clans. For each clan in the game their are certain rules and benefits:

- Each clan can have a maximum of players depending on the area you play in.
- Clan members are allowed to trade goods with each other.
- Clan members can give away owned Acre's to fellow clan members.
- Clan members benefit from a bonus if one of the members owns a government installation.
- Clan members cannot attack or perform operations against each other.
- Clan members have access to the clan page which you can find under 'Relations'.
- Clan members can post requests of goods on the clanpage.
- Clan members can plan Joint attacks on the clanpage.

Creating a clan

When a player has not yet joined another clan he can decide to start his own clan. The player that has created the clan will automatically be the clan leader. A clan icon will automatically be assigned to the clan (this will be manually picked in the future).

The clan leader will then need to invite other players to join his clan. This can be done on the clan page. The clan leader can also decide to disband the clan, the whole clan will then be removed and all members will be kicked out.

Clan bank

In the clan bank cash is stored for the use of clan features. Each clan member can make a cash deposit once every hour.


Each clan member can cast a vote for his favorite clan leader. When a member receive 1 vote more then the current clan leader, leadership will be exchanged automatically.

Clan focus

The clan leader can choose a clan focus from which all clan members can benefit. Once a focus is chosen each clan member will profit from its benefit for 30 hours. There can only be one clan focus active at a time.
Construcion focus Will give all clan members a 10% cash discount on constructing buildings.
Army focus Will give all clan members a 10% cash discount on hiring units.
Research focus Will give all clan members a 10% cash discount on research.
Counter intelligence focus Will give all clan members a 10% extra operations defense bonus.
Defensive focus Will give all clan members a 10% extra defense bonus.

Clan aid plan

Each clan member create a clan aid plan for a target town. When a clan aid plan is active travel time for trading convoys to the target town will be reduced by 50%, the plan will be active for 10 weeks.

Joint attack plan

Each member of the clan can create a joint attack plan on a specific target town (and its properties) or a specific location. The joint attack plan will be active for 10 weeks. Each clan member will receive a 20% attack bonus on the target town (and its properties) or specific location when the joint attack plan is active.

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