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New K2 round open for signup!

Hey Everyone,

The new round is open again for signup! The round will start on 24 August, 20:00 GMT +1:00 or 2:00 PM EST. Until then you can prepare your first moves, read more about outbreak rounds in our guide: https://www.the-outbreak.com/guide/gameplay.php.

Minor change which will affect each area:

- Raider influx regional event fixed (couldnt be triggered in Normal mode)
- When an acre is auto abandoned it will be "Unclaimed" and can be taken by anyone without resistance.
- Raiders have a chance each tick to claim "Unclaimed" acres.
- Goverment locations will not be spawned from start but will be revealed later around turn 100.

Outbreak Team.

Posted: August 23 2021 Older news Read full post and discuss on forum

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