The Outbreak is a real time strategy survival game. The game uses weeks as a counter, where each week is an hour in real life. You will receive new resources every hour, and every hour something can happen to your town.

There can be an attack, a sudden disease outbreak, a group of refugees entering your town and many more. Some events are AI based, some are done to you by other players. One of the key factors is to make alliances, join a clan and group together.


One of the most important things in The Outbreak is your resource income. All the resources are shown in the bar beneath the menu. Keep an eye on this, if you’re low on resources you won’t be able to build and expand. If you are low on food your population can drop fast. The lower your population, the lower your cash income.

In the above sample you can see that your food income is pretty bad. Time to get yourself some more farms or hunting cabins. Remember that farms produce less food during the winter.

To construct buildings use the menu to go to the construction page.

For the tutorial purpose you don't need to build an entire economy. The tutorial area is here for new players to learn the basic game mechanics. Constructing the cheapest buildings will get you faster through the tutorial.
Tip 1: A more detailed resource income can be found on the inventory page.

Tip 2: Low on resources? Use a wildcard! Use them wise, you've only got 3 for the entire round.

Tip 3: During winter season your farm food production will be reduced by 2/3, while during summer you receive a 1/5 income bonus.

Tip 4: Be sure to have a positive food income, when you have no food left people will starve and your army will desert.
Visit the full guide for the complete section about Construction