Special Operations

Your agents can perform special operations. You can use operations to benefit your town or to hinder your enemy. All operations cost energy to perform. You can find the amount of energy you have in the resourcebar:

Below the amount of energy you see the amount that will be restored every hour.
If you perform an aggressive operation and you succeed you will gain experience points, if you have a certain amount of experience points you go up 1 level in your operation level. Your operation level infuence the chance an operation will be a success or a failure. The higher your level, the more energy you can store and restore.

To perform operations use the menu to go to the special ops page.
Tip 1: Agents can die performing certain operations. Train new agents if you've lost all.

Tip 2: When reached level 13 you can perform aggressive operations on other towns through the map or rankings. Beware of your allies, since they get a bonus attacking your town!

Tip 3: When you are at war with another town, you will receive a defensive bonus against aggressive operations.
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