Tech tree

You rule your town and you decide how your town develops. During the round you can spend a total of 4 technology points from top to down. You can give your town bonuses during its development. You can choose to be an agressor and get the attack bonus, or you prefer to become a stronghold with a defense bonus. Technology points can be focused on resources, war, operations and more.

To spend your technology point use the menu to go to the townhall page.

Click on the tech tree button.

You choose a technology by clicking on the name of the desired option.

For the tutorial purpose you only have to spend one technology point. Once you've finished the tutorial round and start the real round the choices you make matter.
Tip 1: Spend your points wisely. You'll need to use a wildcard to change the choices you made.

Tip 2: You will receive 4 technology points during a game, plan ahead to choose a good path through the tree.
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