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Feature highlight: Battle Simulator

Hi everyone,

In our latest update we have introduced a battle simulator system. Here you can test out your battle skills without loosing any troops. Try it out and read more about it in our guide.


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What is The Outbreak?

The Outbreak is a online strategy, survival and roleplaying browser game. It is based in a post apocalyptic world, where you survived and managed to secure a location within Kansas. It has become a community, growing bigger and bigger till the point you can call it a town.

This is where The Outbreak starts. You will have to provide your population with enough resources and keep them safe from harm. Will you need to expand? or are your troops only there to protect your town? maybe you will be an agressor and plunder resources from the towns near you. It is all up to you. Act and react, as you response to the problems a post apocalyptic town faces.

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Survival game

You are one of the few who have made it, using your surival skills you have impressed many. People are now looking at you to lead them. Survive, build, trade, negotiate and compete with other players. Can you lead the people of your town and prevent utter destruction?

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