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New Convoy Interception Feature
Convoy Interception
It's now possible to intercept enemy convoys with your own convoys, if you're fast enough. When a convoy is intercepted, a battle is done out in the open where the intercepted convoy act as the defender and the intercepting convoy the attacker. The major difference in this battle format is that the defender has no defending structures.
If the attacker gets a decisive victory, the intercepted convoy turns around and heads back to the location it was sent from.
The normal point limits apply to intercepting convoys except for convoys targeting your town, those you can always intercept.
This is potentially a big change and we are looking for feedback at the end of the round to see how we can best balance it with the rest of the game.

Full changelog
- Added convoy intercept system
- Added a spotted convoy overview screen accessible from the map
- Made raiders more active
- Fixed convoy lists showing towns special unit instead of the convoy owner special unit
- Fixed clan cooldown not cooling down
- One of the refugee regional events have been replaced with a double income event
- Upgrade HQ area on townhall is highlighted when the mission requires an update
- Number of destroyed checkposts from the op has been changed to be less when you don't have that many
- Fixed checkposts bringing trade income below 0 when having no alliances
- Fixed winter/spring convoy travel time re-calculations

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What is The Outbreak?

The Outbreak is an online strategy, survival and roleplaying browser game. It is based in a post apocalyptic world, where you survived and managed to secure a location within Kansas. It has become a community, growing bigger and bigger till the point you can call it a town.

This is where The Outbreak starts. You will have to provide your population with enough resources and keep them safe from harm. Will you need to expand? or are your troops only there to protect your town? maybe you will be an aggressor and plunder resources from the towns near you. It is all up to you. Act and react, as you respond to the problems a post apocalyptic town faces.

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Lead and survive

You are one of the few who have made it, using your surival skills you have impressed many. People are now looking at you to lead them. Survive, build, trade, negotiate and compete with other players. Can you lead the people of your town and prevent utter destruction?

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