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Raiders sighted!
Hi everyone,

As some people might have noticed the first Raiders Camps have been sighted! We have just updated the guide with more information about this new feature.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to post them here.


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What happened?

On the 13th of September 2039 news report of a sudden outbreak of an unclassified deadly virus in the eastern states of the USA. Within hours hundreds of thousands are infected and riots start to erupt as panic settles in. After exposure to the virus life expectancy is estimated to be a mere 48 hours, with no cure at hand chaos is complete.

Due to the aggressive nature and unknown origin of the virus, the United Nations enforce an iron curtain surrounding the USA only to carry out multiple food drops. Only military flights are allowed to the continent of Northern America and trading over sea becomes forbidden. With the USA now totally isolated from the world, rumours tell of outbreaks in other countries. In November when winter settles down on the USA, most of the population has died. As sudden as the virus appeared, it vanished, leaving the few remaining people behind... Read more

Survival game

You are one of the few who have made it, using your surival skills you have impressed many. People are now looking at you to lead them. Survive, build, trade, negotiate and compete with other players. Can you lead the people of your town and prevent utter destruction?

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