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Round open for signup and update!
Hi everyone,

The kansas 2 and 3 rounds have both openend up for signup! We have the following changes, which will be directly active in the kansas 1 area. I have paid some extra attention on the interface and making some mechanics more clear for players to understand.

The round will start ticking again on 2 October at 20:00 GMT +1:00, until then you have time to signup your town and prepare your first moves.

Im still working on some last changes, so i might update the list with some minor additions before the start of the round.

------------------ General ----------------
- Lockdown protection is no longer effective for towns of level 40, only towns below level 40 will benefit from this feature to regain there strenght.
- New regional event added, "National holiday" giving a public order boost to all towns in the region.
- New random events added.

----------------- Interface / Layout-------------
- Inventory population overview adjustment, town population and villages population are now seperated boxes.
- Convoy icon added on convoy page.
- Trade convoys will now be displayed correctly within the textbox when you have multiple trade convoys on the move.
- On the map a town within your clan now shows the option "Trade resources" instead of "negotiate relations".
- Town info page will now also show the option "Trade resources" instead of "negotiate relations" when you have an active treaty or is in your clan.
- Town info page will now show the current relations status with that town.
- You can now click on convoy icons in the top bar to go directly to the related pages.
- Total current defense score of your town is now shown in your townshall page. This is the score with the current stationed troops, so when moving troops it changes.
- Total current defense score of your town is now shown on acre info page of the acre you own. This is the score with the current stationed troops, so when moving troops it changes.
- Army inventory overview changed, i made a separation between troops stationed at your town and at other locations to give a better view of the total number.

-------- Construction ------------------
- Defensive structures now show their defense score value on the construction pages. This also counts for the constructing them on Acre's of government locations.

---------------- Clan -----------------------
- Joint attack plan can now also target other locations then towns (Acres, Government locations and Raider camps).
- When someone submits a joint attack plan, all clan members will receive a town event message of this.
- When someone submits a clan aid plan, all clan members will receive a town event message of this.
- When joint attack plan is active, the bonus will be shown properly on all attack pages.

----------------- Raiders -------------------
- Raiders will now be somewhat more active in the K2 area.

------------------ Bug fixes -------------------
- Scorched earth policy now displays the correct message, burning down 50% of the property buildings.
- Convoys that already have reached there target are now longer delayed in cause of a regional event.
- When you click on "Trade resources" through the map, the target will now be selected properly.
- Some changes in warning text boxes and added some new ones.
- Other minor bug fixes.

I hope everyone will join us again for a exciting new round!


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What is The Outbreak?

The Outbreak is a online strategy, survival and roleplaying browser game. It is based in a post apocalyptic world, where you survived and managed to secure a location within Kansas. It has become a community, growing bigger and bigger till the point you can call it a town.

This is where The Outbreak starts. You will have to provide your population with enough resources and keep them safe from harm. Will you need to expand? or are your troops only there to protect your town? maybe you will be an agressor and plunder resources from the towns near you. It is all up to you. Act and react, as you response to the problems a post apocalyptic town faces.

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