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Updates April 2024

New updates

- Added option to enable and disable population growth
- Added Fairground news feed in Discord
- Trenches now protects population against mortars
- Spotted trade convoys shared with clan
- Fixed Capital defense bonus not applying
- Fixed black market not able to open

Latest update: 2024-04-15 18:16:00

Trade Routes

The latest update has a new feature: Trade Routes

Trade routes are basically scheduled trade convoys useful if you need to pay someone resources every x ticks, like protection money or if you're making a payment but don't have all the resources right now and need to go to sleep.
Also useful if you're the eco town of the clan and just need to send out resources all the time.

Complete changelog:

- Towns can relocate once before the round begins. Go to the map and hover your town to see the option.
- Added trade routes. Each town can schedule 5 trade routes, smuggler tech an additional 3
- Fixed traveltime recalculation when changing season
- Chat will now use discord nickname
- Allow convoy intel on towns outside your point range

Latest update: 2023-05-22 13:29:00

New Convoy Interception Feature

Convoy Interception
It's now possible to intercept enemy convoys with your own convoys, if you're fast enough. When a convoy is intercepted, a battle is done out in the open where the intercepted convoy act as the defender and the intercepting convoy the attacker. The major difference in this battle format is that the defender has no defending structures.
If the attacker gets a decisive victory, the intercepted convoy turns around and heads back to the location it was sent from.
The normal point limits apply to intercepting convoys except for convoys targeting your town, those you can always intercept.
This is potentially a big change and we are looking for feedback at the end of the round to see how we can best balance it with the rest of the game.

Full changelog
- Added convoy intercept system
- Added a spotted convoy overview screen accessible from the map
- Made raiders more active
- Fixed convoy lists showing towns special unit instead of the convoy owner special unit
- Fixed clan cooldown not cooling down
- One of the refugee regional events have been replaced with a double income event
- Upgrade HQ area on townhall is highlighted when the mission requires an update
- Number of destroyed checkposts from the op has been changed to be less when you don't have that many
- Fixed checkposts bringing trade income below 0 when having no alliances
- Fixed winter/spring convoy travel time re-calculations

Latest update: 2023-03-04 21:23:00