Defense/Attack Calculation?

Posted November 03 2015 - 14:12
I was wondering if we could get a feature that automatically calculates the defence for a location, it would be nice for players that don't know how to manually calculate it, if it was already calculated for them. If this possibly gets implemented, Attack calculations for convoys would be greatly appreciated as well.
Posted November 03 2015 - 14:45
Ooooh yea thats a good idea.It take a good min to calculate a convoy.Adding auto calculations would be a great improvment
Posted November 03 2015 - 15:36
only to be shown to the player owning the Acre you mean?
Posted November 03 2015 - 16:50
Unless you infiltrated, because when you infiltrate you know exactly what they have and then it's just a matter of checking their profile to see their defence bonus.
Posted November 03 2015 - 16:54
However that would not be current, it would be an instantaneous and static representation of their defence in that moment.
Posted November 05 2015 - 01:40
I dont know, I feel like if people had that information so easily they would attack less, and just build up forces until they knew they can attack successfully. You can calculate the odds easily. the reward is there for those who want it bad enough. I have calculated my town versus another before, and it didn't talk long.