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Posted July 20 2015 - 14:53

Hi all,

With the current round coming near to its end we would like to receive some feedback about the current Area's.

Next round we want to open up two separate areas for beginners and experienced players, but we are still thinking about the amount of available acre's. At the moment we have 50 for each area, but we can simply increase or decrease that amount.

Let us know what you think about the amount of acre's or perhaps others wishes that could be changed for next round.

Outbreak crew

Posted July 20 2015 - 17:17
more acres would be good on the proviso that there is a limit you can own and also a clan can own, this allows players to enter into a fair fight and not be completely shut out. Also the level cap should be raised and instead of spec ops or units becoming available after level 30, the building capacity of the city increases to avoid the overbuild happening too quickly.
Posted July 21 2015 - 14:37
I don't think we need more Acres, we want towns to have to fight for them, but i agree with a limits on how many can you hold, my clan is currently holding around 14, half of them are mine, ALL other Acres belong to the clan above us in ranking.

on another note, it's really hard to cordinate attacks, or more accurate, impossible, even by myself, if i send units from different places, i have no other choice but to attack with one group of units at a time, when in reality i had so many unit on the objective, i could probably surround it or something, if i could attack with all of them at the same time that is :P
Posted July 21 2015 - 15:58
Interesting feedback, perhaps we could a kind of merge troops function. I will add that to the list :)

Im hearing a lot of sounds on limiting the amount of acre's each player could own. More feedback of other players would be great!

Posted July 21 2015 - 16:18
Interesting. What would be a fair amount of acres to hold?
Posted July 21 2015 - 19:36
truthfully it depends on the amount of acres available. realistically i would imagine 3 would be sufficient as this allows the option for one plain, one forest and one mountain as for the goldmines there are scarce so they don't count as with and obviously refineries, capital, missile silos, etc are different. however if a clan hold them all it does become a bit of an uphill challenge for anyone else. So maybe only one silo per clan, one refinery per clan.
Posted July 21 2015 - 23:57
I like limiting the number as this would keep it fair. However, I believe their needs to be some property that you can acquire only after you reach...say, 50000 points in a round (example, a nuclear plant and it provides all the power needed for a player and their clan)
Posted July 23 2015 - 03:07
eventhough we have more troops our attacking method is same. i mean we can't attack the acre or another player by surrounding or through our attacking tricks so its like default attacking method and next to this if i hold my troops in different acre i should call my troops in single place then i have to plan an attack its worst so please change some methods in attacking
Posted July 23 2015 - 20:18
How about some way to gain more points or decrease overbuild when you control less acres?

Some productivity bonus at home to make owning more acres more expensive the higher points you have?

So you could have some number like 5 per player and then it becomes really expensive really fast the more you own. That way if there were some strategic reason to own more you could as long as you are willing to pay the price.
Posted July 23 2015 - 22:19
In my opinion there should be fewer acres all around, this is a post apocalyptic landscape we are talking about here. I'm also of the mind the any one player shouldn't be able to hold and maintain too many acres at once, maybe some sort of "acre overbuild" as it were. Make it so having a ton of acres actually cost you more than keeping them would earn you. It would promote sharing between clan mates and even trade between clans on good terms.
Posted July 25 2015 - 16:58
Hi all.
Ok i strongly disagree with limiting the amount of acres a person can own. If it were a real Apocalypse situation the strongest army would win.
However with in the confines of this game it is very obvious how unfair it is, especially for new players. And obviously a lot of players are lost to the game, due to the frustration of being over powered.
So... what I am going to propose is radical and will (sadly for you developers) entail some serious thinking and programming!
How about..
There are normal acres as it is at the moment, but all Acres have random expiry dates. As in real life, an acres can be over farmed, or a natural disaster takes it, hurricane, tornado, etc. It then dies, making it worthless to the owner. Or worthless for a random amount of time, and money to rebuild? And maybe some never have problems!
But other acres are randomly generated around the map. Also with shelf lives!
And (to make you programming more difficult hahaha) How about secret Acres. As in a player first has to reveal the Map but then has to search individual areas of the map, using operational energy, to find extra Acres. Also with shelf lives!
This way any player has a random chance of finding Acres, but even if one finds most of them, they eventually die off. Forcing them to fight over Newly spawned Acres. And if they are not checking the map, thereby using energy each time, they will miss out on enough to make it fair for others.
Plus, maybe it should be cheaper to build on Acres nearer to home? Which is similar to the suggestions above about over build penalties, the more acres that one owns! A combination of both? :)
I sort of like ohwiseone's idea about properties that you can only acquire at higher levels, but i also hate it lol. In the game it takes a certain level to build the amount of force needed to get those places anyway, so it has an inbuilt level spec anyway. However maybe we can swing this the other way... How about there are Acres that are revealed that players with certain higher point values can not take. Maybe they are smaller acres and wouldn't warrant a big force bothering with them. Small farms with smaller output. Medium farms for mid levels. Big farms for higher levels. This is actually the simplest solution to all levels having farms available. And making fair fights!
On another note entirely, that probably needs its own forum topic, but I also detest the fact that lower levels can attack higher level players!
Not realistic at all. But I have numerous ideas about that. So yes new topic :) Look out for it :)
Posted July 26 2015 - 15:37
In the meantime we have also discussed the Acre issue with the team and we dont really like to limit the amount of acres you can control (yet). We are going to try and find other ways to balance things more.

For next round we already have a couple of changes ready:

1. We are going to create separate area's for beginners and experienced players. Beginners can join the high level area if they wish to, but experienced players cannot join beginner area's. This way we hope new players will have a better chance to understand and try out the game.

2. When someone captures a acre you will have to pay fuel each tick for transporting goods from your acre to your town. The father a acre is away from your town the more fuel it will cost. Also the more resources are produced on a acre, the more fuel it will cost to transport the goods. When you run out of fuel, no resources will be transported to you town that tick. The code is smart enough to try and transport as much resources to your town as you can afford in fuel. Meanwhile saving the remaining fuel each tick until you have enough fuel for a transport again.

3. We are going to decrease the round lenght to 1 Month instead of 2. We feel like we currently have to little end game content. So next round will only last 1 Month and we will see how it goes from their.
Posted July 26 2015 - 17:23
It already sounds better right off the bat, the only thing I'm worried about is people exploiting the newbie zone. Lets be honest, it isn't hard to make a new e-mail, nor is it hard to choose a new name. So what possible way could anyone prevent an "expert" from doing that? The only thing I can think of is an ip check but even that can be out smarted. I like the fuel idea it sounds like it could work but is there any way the player could prioritize a certain resource? Say I have an acre thats split between logging and mining but I need more stone than wood for say the coming week. So assuming that my fuel supply can't keep up with demand but is fairly close, would I have some way to prioritize what resource I want? As for the one month round, I think it's a good way to test the few changes to be added while still keeping the round going. I foresee a swifter grab for acres in the early game, just a guess though.

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