Armored Cars for Convoys

Posted January 04 2016 - 19:48
Hello, I think armored Cars would be great for the defence of Convoys, of course adding a Armored Car to your convoy would make it take one week longer than normal. This would be great to defend convoys if they are Ambushed, like once my convoy of 20 poison was ambushed and I lost all of it, possibly an armored Car could have defended my convoy so lesser resources would have been stolen. Thanks for reading! I will add on to this later.
Posted January 04 2016 - 19:59
I have seen this suggestion before and I completely agree with it. But It should take a price. You should have to research it but have it take 48 hours to research and 75k. Then when you have op level 7 thats when you will be able to have a chance to attack the convoy and succeed. But the convoys should also show it saying that there are armored cars.

I believe this would make it not as OP and make it fair.

On a completely different note it would be nice that if you had the capital you could infiltrate anyone even if they have double your points but not infiltrate if they have half.