Texas Hold em

Posted February 03 2016 - 18:55
We should have texas hold em beside High or low Card.. Can have bunch of player in a casino lobby trying to hustle other people out of they cash and/or Resource

High Card Low Card Dont pay out good, texas hold em would be the right minigame for outbreak
Posted February 03 2016 - 19:10
Posted June 24 2016 - 15:41
I dont know what that game is but I love texas and I love the casino interface! We need more casino games though! Ones with a little bit moire thought in them
Posted March 07 2017 - 18:34
Coming back to this subject, yes I feel that improving the casino would be well. Able to play for resources, able to play other players in your Kansas, and more card games would be a great addition to the casino. I wouldn't remove the higher lower game, for it's quick and simple, but the casino just seems to be slightly under used.
Posted July 13 2017 - 21:43
My text may not be clear. I am Ukrainian, I know English at a primitive level and I play with the rest of the players with the help of Google translator. Keep this in mind when reading this text.
You can ask clarifying questions so that I explain more clearly something, but you will most likely have to chew on the question a little like a child, so that I can for sure understand what is going on or what you have.

The main thing is to avoid adding roulette to the casino.
While the inept players on the roulette drain a lot of money and resources into the abyss - I turn out to be the most "lucky son of a bitch" and in a matter of days I get into the top 10 players doing nothing. Nothing but a game of roulette.

All these gambling in the casino is simple math. You get a card triple, the probability that the next card will be lower = 16.6%, higher = 83.4%.
The more accurately you can determine your chances and the less restrictions in choosing your bet - the easier everything happens. If you have a head of course able to count 2 + 2 on the situation, and not as a school for tasks.

You should with great responsibility pick up games for the casino and the rules of the game in it, because otherwise you will give me excellence in front of all the players put together.
Believe me, except in rare cases, I start to play in casino gambling amounts with six zeros in the first weeks. How to become a millionaire - step one, this is the starting capital for bets - step two, a planned game - step three, the ability to stop, slow down or reduce rates.

Before I finish a lot of talking - imagine that every round I win one million fuel, stone, wood, food and money.
For obvious reasons, because of this, I can control all acres and all government buildings alone.

Although I have an idea about this - every tick players can bet = 100 resources * their level + 1% (or other) from their resources ignoring the bonuses and penalties of the seasons and the consumption of these resources by the population and the army.
Posted July 14 2017 - 04:08
Any form of poker would be cool, but I feel like a game like black jack would be a perfect new addition to the casino