NightThiller Role

Posted February 08 2016 - 18:02
General:Main player on offense, and also come up with strategy on the battlefield, Cant do Major attack on town unless permitted by congress and/Or Leader. Leader can Veto congress and give the power to the general if it come to a Great war. ( Can OWn Missile silo and military camp if in clan procession)

Congress:Come Up with Law among the clan , also declared war on other clan also keep record of win/Lost and all other role directly report to congress. Leader will help if it get overwhelmed (Can Own Capital if in clan procession)

Trade advisor: Got to Set up Main trade route ( Silk Road) with other player and clan,`Maintain surplus supply , MUST HAVE A HIGH DEFENCE IN YOUR TOWN, Set up Major Auction with any surplus if given order to,Supply any clan member if requested or ask,and also write out report on how much supply there is to congress and leader ( Can Own Fairground if in clan procession)

Counter terrorist: Keep tab on other town , and Do spec op on other town if they have threaten us or cause harm, Must report everything with congress and leader

Foriegnaffiar:Have peace talk with other town/clan in the name of nightthiller, Determined if a town is friendly or not, and They talk about any agreement that on the table Like Trading pact Or buying/selling acre. ( Can Check into all the role to see how they doing and also must report to congress or leader)

Leader:Got To help With Everything
Posted February 09 2016 - 02:06
I see you have a Foreign-Affair Unit, maybe the Person recruited can actually accept a Peace Deal...
Posted February 09 2016 - 02:24
This thread is in the wrong Forum, it should be in the strategy forum.

I do suggest that you get rid of this and put it in the strategy forum. Thank you!
Posted February 09 2016 - 03:17
Im just keep it on here and united state if you really want peace there got to be n agreement
Posted February 09 2016 - 04:14
Yeah, the Agreement can be to just end the Hostilities, YOU Said that if we don't give you like what, 80K or something the War would go onto Next Round, and it has. I'm ONLY taking precautions.
Posted February 09 2016 - 17:16
can i be foriegn affairs

Posted February 09 2016 - 22:06
Yea you can, going to update the forum when we get some of the role filled
Posted February 10 2016 - 15:53
Well Hopefully You find someone soon to increase relations.
Posted February 11 2016 - 14:41
No,No need for all these roles..