Danienth's Strategies (Current: K1)

Posted April 04 2016 - 08:16
Hi! I'm Danienth, and I am the mayor of the town of Halton.

You may or may not recognize either of those names, including Dann and Dani, as I've only been playing for a total of about five weeks roughly. I played for 250 turns of last round in K1, and in this current iteration, I'm in K1 again, because I still consider myself a newbie.

However, in the last round, I finished in eleventh place, with 22K points. In this round, I'm currently number 1. I'm also mentioned in the award nominations for several things. I'm writing this, because I want everyone to be playing at their peak capabilities, I want everyone to have fun, and because I want to write a strategy guide.

So, for those of you whom have played, we have 1344 turns (Weeks In-Game) to beat everyone, and score the most points. We have 36 missions that advance us in level, and for the better part of that time you're going to be building and not attacking, building up your town. I've been combing the forums looking question I have that have already been answered, and I'll address those that haven't later. I'll try and update this thread with my own notes, and different tips or tricks I've learned. If there's any questions you have, or if you have your own suggestions or tips to offer other newbies and legends alike, send me a message, and we'll talk.
Posted April 04 2016 - 08:38
Building costs

Gold = 250 Food = 50
Wood = 500 Ston = 0

Gold = 750 Food = 250
Wood = 750 Ston = 500

Gold = 300 Food = 500
Wood = 400 Ston = 0

Gold = 600 Food = 250
Wood = 750 Ston = 0

Gold = 750 Food = 400
Wood = 600 Ston = 0

Gold = 1500 Food = 1300
Wood = 1500 Ston = 1250

Gold = 750 Food = 250
Wood = 300 Ston = 0

Gold = 200 Food = 80
Wood = 240 Ston = 0

Gold = 1500 Food = 1750
Wood = 750 Ston = 2250

Gold = 1000 Food = 600
Wood = 600 Ston = 1800

Gold = 500 Food = 750
Wood = 750 Ston = 400

I'll add to this as I discover more. I find it's handy to keep a notepad with costs and mission requirements available. You can keep a page open to this thread if you are planning on building and don't want to have to keep pressing tabs to determine how much you need to buy at the fairgrounds.

Posted April 04 2016 - 08:47

I always make sure to check the prices at the fairgrounds just a couple turns into the game. I'll keep adding to this to show you how the market fluctuates, and add tips on how to make money using the changing seasons.

Week 2

To buy To sell
Food 1.54000 1.1002
Wood 1.54112 1.1008
Stone 1.81762 1.2983
Fuel 1.11986 0.7999

Week 38

To buy To sell
Food 0.98900 0.7006301
Wood 2.10364 1.5.02600
Stone 2.35858 1.6847000
Fuel 1.11874 0.7991000

As you can see, The price of wood and stone has already risen , and stone is over half of the way to doubling it's sell price. Now, if you had to buy wood during the winter to keep your people warm in week 2-38, you probably contributed to the price of wood. Same with stone. Making sure your production is in the green, and not in the red even during winter, will save you a lot of gold in the end. Plus, production rates contribute to your score (it seems), which is what we're all after.

I will continue to update.
Posted April 04 2016 - 09:10
Hunt for Food - 40 Gathers a random amount of food
Gather Wood - 40 Gathers a random amount of wood
Gather Stone - 50 Gathers a random amount of stone*
Find Refugees - 45 Gathers a random amount of population
Drive out refugees - 50 Removes a random amount of population**
Discover area - 60 Uncovers a portion of the map
Scavenge Goods - 75 Randomly chooses from certain randomized results***
Gather Fuel - 55 Gathers a random amount of fuel

* = Notice that the majority of these special operations merely involve the accumulation of resources. If stone is worth 2:1 what fuel is worth, why would you waste 55 energy gathering a random amount of fuel, when you could save 5 energy gathering stone, sell it, and use the gold to buy that much fuel? You shouldn't, so check the stock prices at the fairgrounds before you try and scrounge up some resources.

** = This is useful for circumstances in which you've accumulated more people than you can feed, and you would like to use operations energy to lower the amount of food required, rather than spend resources you may not have gaining another farm.


1. Your Agents find (X) black market goods hidden behind a tree. Poison, C4, Missiles, and Carbombs
2. Your Agents find (X) fuel in a jerry can!
3. Your Agents got caught by the residents of a house. They got away safely and took (X) resources with them.
4. Your Agents got caught by the residents of a house. The husband shot (x) policemen or agents, A) but the rest got away. B) but the rest got away and took (X) resources with them.
5. Your Agents discover a crashed car with (X) resources. (usually a substantial amount, by far my favorite.)
6. Your Agents discovered a bunch of strange metal parts and sold them on the fairground for (X) cash.

Now, this should be the sum total of the missions available on the Spec Ops tab, but if not, I will update. I will also add more tips and extrapolate on the results of Scavenge Goods as my research continues.
Posted April 04 2016 - 11:53
Great post! Hopefully all (new) players will appreciate this golden information and be part of the active bunch.

Good luck all!
Posted April 05 2016 - 19:42
Nice starts,Gj Dan and GL to all those who see this!
Posted June 21 2016 - 02:12
yes as a new player i appreciate :)
Posted June 21 2016 - 02:13
yes as a new player i appreciate :)