The United Nations

Posted May 18 2016 - 18:25
Welcome to The United Nations.

As a member of The United Nations I would like you to join the Alliance. I have just started this Alliance. I believe that all people are equal.
In recent times the people have fallen into hardship. The people want there lives back. I want to give it back to them. But so far I have had no luck. No one has joined The United Nations yet. The Security Council. The Security Council will have six Members board Members that get there orders from me and the . There will be other posts in the list below. I will also put a number by the post so you know how many people can be for that post.

Lieutenant General : The United Nations XO 1
Major General : The United Nations Commander 1
Brigadier General : The United Nations Third In command. 1
Captain 2
Major 2
Colonel Veteran Section Commander 3
Lieutenant Colonel New Section Commander 3
Command Sergeant Major 3
Warrant Officer 5
2nd Lieutenant 6
1st Lieutenant 7
Sergeant Major Senior platoon XO/Drill Instructor 5
First Sergeant Veteran platoon XO/Drill Instructor 4
Staff Sergeant Experienced platoon XO/Drill Instructor 3
Sergeant New platoon XO/Drill Instructor/Ranger 4
Corporal Senior platoon soldier
Specialist Veteran platoon soldier
Private First Class Experienced platoon soldier
Private RECBN Grad
Posted May 20 2016 - 17:47
Wow you put alot of time into this,XD