Posted May 20 2016 - 22:50
...I'd be nice if I could read chat .... Without it slamming me to the bottom of the screen to show me the newest message. I already read that one. I wanna read the older ones.

Don't know if you can fix that.


Posted May 25 2016 - 12:46
My only problem with the chat is when this happens. If I hover my mouse over it I can see the names of the chats. Refresh does shit, mostly I just close the browser and open a new one and the chat is normal once more. Well, as normal as it can get.

Posted May 26 2016 - 20:31
The comment that one person made sound like he a killer in Real Life
Posted May 27 2016 - 05:28
Sounds like an internet troll trying to be funny....

So no one else has this problem....

Starting at the top and trying to read the first 3 comments of a long post and automatically getting shot down to the bottom after 3 seconds?

Posted May 27 2016 - 06:39

I also have this problem, but I kinda gave up on chat, so kinda a non issue for me.


Posted June 26 2016 - 01:24
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... i remember suggesting chat clearing when you log out or close the browser. It Seems that chat now clears, (at least in clan leader, clan, and relations Kansas) at random times.

Slightly more annoying then the first problem with chat. Imma see if i can find like an alternative.
Posted June 26 2016 - 16:05
We are going to rebuilt the whole chat system, the current version we are using is someone else his code.

But we cannot get it to work properly.. so we are giving up on that and will create a new chat system :)
Posted June 26 2016 - 16:38

(Final Fantasy Refence)
Posted October 18 2018 - 02:12
Heyo guys!Does anyone by chance know why the servers are named Kansas? (I mean, what about Florida?) Mabye the dude who made this lives in Kansas... I don't know.. Do you have any ideas.
Posted October 18 2018 - 02:34
Fox, I think that this is the wrong forum post to send your question...
Posted November 06 2018 - 02:07
i dont have that problem tho...weird