Shooting the Moon with Gold Acres

Posted June 10 2016 - 03:33
The gold acres are crap. It's like shooting the moon in a game of hearts, you have to hold all the hearts to win and good luck with that! In this game one gold acre isn't enough, you have to hold multiples. Any plans of making a gold acre more worthwhile? Or am I missing the point of a gold acre? 3000 gold might matter early on but it's peanuts in the end game.
For anyone unfamiliar with the game of hearts. The government owned refineries could be the queen of spades just saying. Own two or more gold acres and a refinery and VOILA! added (insert percentage here) bonus to gold and fuel income. My suggestion, take it or leave it.

*updated because I'm a damn fool*
Posted June 11 2016 - 01:09
........ Sippin on that sizzurp from what I hear....

At least they are keeping it semi-realistic... frankly, I never understood how money was worth anything in a post apocalyptic world. Gold, maybe but whats a shiny rock to a gun, food, survival skills, and medical supplies. And paper money would just be plain stupid unless you plan on burning it and melting down your coins.

"This War of Mine" on Steam is a good example of no money system. You trade, haggle, steal, assist, or kill for what you need. Short game, winter is brutal, "touch" of realism <-- understatement.
Posted June 12 2016 - 22:19
was totally obsessed with "This war of mine" for a while, really pulls you in
Posted June 14 2016 - 12:27
because money (gold) is a means of storing the reward for past effort., i.e. I may help you but you have nothing I need. However someone else does and I can accept the gold from you to pay them... much easier to keep track of than a book of good deeds
Posted June 14 2016 - 19:55
But why would person 2 wanna accept your gold if gold is only an "I.O.U." Also are you going to label each rock to know who to hit up later?
A little black book sounds easier. "Jeffrey owes me for 3 bags of food." "Donna had me board up her windows for the last time."
You either make trades right then and there, or set a time frame on when they pay you back, or youre a good Samaritan.

Gold holds a significant value in means of status until the next "wealth" indicator comes around. Like in times of a dry harvest, lots of food would be the indicator of wealth. Lack of water, He who holds the well is the wealthiest.

Reverting to most survival games with a trade/buy&sell system. Most use food or weapons as money and if you really have to buy something using cash, coin, or stone, you'd better have a lot of cash or a really rare stone like diamond.

Going back to "This War of Mine", you trades a lot of cigs and alcohol (and some coffee) to treat peoples addictions and make medical supplies. If you could get a good moonshine refinery going and then turn that into pure alcohol you typically could get or make what you wanted from the trader after that. People also knock on your door for help and most of the time they pay you back later with a gun or some food, or they pay you with previous items and ask you for help later.

Gold/Money becomes irrelevant in an apocalypse real fast unless youre Donald Trump and your father gave you a small loan of 1Million dollars and life hasn't easy for you.