Kansas 2 multiple accounts

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Posted July 03 2016 - 13:43
Let's keep this at the top of the list shall we?
Posted July 09 2016 - 23:59
Posted July 10 2016 - 00:55
Well from wath I see this issiu has been resolved.Way because people got punished and that is it.And if they cheat again they will get banned.And they will then creat new town or log if even needed.This is as free game.Creating new town or log dosen't cost anything so people will keep cheating cause it is free.Olny thing that will keep them from cheatins is them selfs
Posted July 10 2016 - 13:56
Whose cheating now cricket?
Posted July 10 2016 - 21:52
Well Pavlos, I'm just being a shit disturber it seems. *sigh*

Posted July 10 2016 - 22:17
Don't be going all coy on us now
Posted July 10 2016 - 22:23
Your not talking bout power girl who seems to lurk quite low on the table?
... Never advancing but always attacking other players. Nothing suspicious about that at all
Posted July 10 2016 - 23:15
Speaking of shit disturbers.... Powergirl has been doing that the entire game. I feel it uses this game to quench some of It's tendencies for sadism.

If you remember, It also denied all requests for allies early on and now attacks towns within attack range at random and then goes on It's merry way for another week.... At least It is consistent....
Posted July 10 2016 - 23:20
I thought this was about Unidentified- <--- just leveled to level 25 yesterday.

Posted July 11 2016 - 00:01

Posted July 11 2016 - 01:12
What are you bothered about him for? If everybody is putting bounties on him it would be almost karmic
Posted July 11 2016 - 01:58
It's just something about the guy just irks me. Like the time my mom fed me liver when I was kid. At first it looked like a normal family meal but then I ate it and well, I have never EVER forgotten the taste of liver. I can't speak for everybody but I thought it was just awful just like what death might taste like. If you don't know the taste count your lucky stars! IMHO, the most terrible food that man has ever known bar none! Anyway, you're wondering how this relates to this post? Well, I can still recall the taste of liver in my mouth just thinking about it now and I just can't change my mind about it. Not even now with my refined taste buds. Not now, not ever. And now Unidentified is that liver to me. Just sitting there, leaving that bad taste behind....

However, that is a not half bad plan Pavlos.... But haven't we spent enough of our cash and resources on the guy already? To support one if not all four (I think it's four now, forgive me for I've lost count now) of his previous towns?

My two cents whether you want it or not....
Posted July 11 2016 - 10:12
We are allowing him to play the game, as long as he just uses a single account.

As penalty he needs to start over again which is heavy enough in our opinion.

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