Posted June 28 2016 - 13:43
I'm just thinking about other games like this and know what there are no protection rules
if you attack a small player, there is no point you will earn hardly anything
and why the hell am i not allowed to attack a player higher then me yes I may be massacred but maybe its for a last stand, or i can do it..

For the real reason I'm] doing this is because i cant trade resources with SOMEONE LESS THAN HALF!!!

so there no points in being allies
oh, he cant attack me
I cant send him resources
and( I cant send him troops) (this is in my different arttical called (watch them burn)

yours truly, Copper Pug

Posted June 28 2016 - 17:02
Copper you already know what they are going to say.... There are different areas that have different protection rules. Go to K4 to battle anyone.

The resource stuff should be fixed if they are a clan member. If they are just an ally, you can't and probably don't need to be sending scrubs your stuff anyway.

Letting anyone trade with anyone would make it real easy to have players simply farming for others. Or boosting really quick.
Posted June 28 2016 - 17:52
yeah, peja is right, but mods, please read watch them burn
Posted June 28 2016 - 19:38
In the past we have allowed such a rule, that smaller players could sent resources to higher players in the same team.

What we have experienced then is that certain teams used this rule to just stay out of attack range and feed the bigger players with resources.

This is not a situation we would like to see happen again. Also the reaseon we are now allowing it anymore now.

Supporting your allies with troops, not giving troops but still under your command and your cost, is something we would like to see implented.
But this brings very many coding difficulties, so we are still looking for ways to implent that.
Posted July 06 2016 - 11:35
Why can't I cancel a war?
Posted July 06 2016 - 13:06
because it takes two to tango... and your dance partner isn't letting you leave the floor
Posted July 06 2016 - 14:11
no i declared it. And he said he isnt able to stop it by sending a request but other people have been able to send a war stopping request.
Posted July 06 2016 - 18:21
Only the person who did not initiate the war can cancel it.
He has to go to his relations page and cancel it.

Seriously, READ THE GUIDE!
There is even a SEARCH BAR.
Posted July 11 2016 - 19:05
Posted July 11 2016 - 19:17
This kind of forum is fine. My response was to you questions. Most of you questions that i see you make a forum for or post on can be found in the guide.
Posted July 12 2016 - 21:25
oh sorry, wrong person, I meant peja polo, but i guess he hasnt made this type of forum. nvm case closed.