North American Treaty Organization (NATO)

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Posted January 31 2017 - 16:17
The town of Whitebridge would like to join NATO in the upcoming round, and would like to make sure NATO would allow them a seat within their ranks. Although Whitebridge is mostly a Mercenary town, the town leader, Rhys, would prefer to ally himself with NATO
Posted January 31 2017 - 16:20
NATO would absolutely allow you into our Clan, when you do join please say Where. Try to be up North.
Posted February 16 2017 - 14:50
i finally am going to play again. can you tell me what server to join?
Posted February 16 2017 - 15:11
NATO is located in Kansas 3 if thats what your asking.
Posted February 22 2017 - 17:46
"The sudden criminal attacks perpetrated by the Town of NauctDerchange in the Great Plains of Kansas provide the climax of a decade of State Wide immorality." - RussianFederation

The Town of NauctDerchange has Relentlessly and Robustly commited acts of War upon the Member States of NATO. After much Consideration and Thought, the Full Head of NATO has decided that War is the Only Option. With 4 - 0 War Vote, the Clan of NATO will start in Repeated Strikes upon this Retched Village. These will Result in the overall reduction and ceasing of Operations against NATO. We Demand that He either Build no Soldiers from now on and that He Cease Operations, or this War Will Persist until his Absolute Demise, Peace Negotiations are Able to be Discussed. Thank You.

- NATO War Department, led by Whitebridge, verified by the RussianFederation.

Approved by France & Arcadia_Bay


Posted February 25 2017 - 03:37
NATO reminds me of a clan called N3xus, they start with good intentions, and a good setup, but in the end, all must fall.
Posted February 25 2017 - 05:43
I would like to Disagree.
Posted February 25 2017 - 07:21
Would like to?
Posted February 25 2017 - 07:41
Well of course, NATO is growing at a Good Rate. Only the Strongest in Kansas can take us On, or atleast the strongest of us.
Posted February 28 2017 - 15:25
NATO shall be standing strong for a long time, just as it has been. Sure, we aren't at the top 100% of the time, though we are always close behind.
Posted March 01 2017 - 00:03
No, because we Aren't last, we are 3rd.
Posted March 01 2017 - 01:04
To be be first you need to go fast.
Posted March 01 2017 - 05:22
✪ North American Treaty Organization ✪ PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT

NATO will NOT be participating in the War between Nexus & the Cannibals in K3. We plan on Remaining Neutral. NATO will however protect it's interests and will make sure to ensure our Own Safety. NATO will Not be taking any sides. (I believe the War is Between the Nexus & Cannibals, however I may be Wrong, any correction would be appreciated if that is the Case)

Thank You, - RussianFederation

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