Round has ended and changes for next round.

Posted September 29 2016 - 11:02
Hi everyone,

The round has ended and we want to thank everyone for participating again.

The signup for the new round will open up tomorrow, 30 September and until 2 October you will have the time to perform your first moves.
On Sunday 2 October at 20:00 GMT +1:00 the round will start ticking again.

Hereby the list of changes we have in store for next round:

- Special units will no longer be bound to a Hero. You can now freely choice your special unit and make any combination with your hero.
- Population Growth, each week your town population will grow by 0,5%
- Research changed: Homeland Security - Increases the defense of your militia and policemen
- Training Militia and Policemen will now consume population.
Added New research:
- Child policy: Increases your towns population growth by 0,5%
- Trade stimulation: Increase trade income from allied towns with 25%
- Shock Troops: Increases attack of your soldiers.
- Stealth training: 5% operations attack bonus

- Troops defending your hometown now receive a 40% extra defense bonus.

Overbuild modifier formula revised:
- All buildings are now of influence of your overbuild modifier
- Huntings Cabins, Trenches, Roadblock, Windmills and Houses count for half.

Added New buildings:
- Storage area, protects up to 10.000 resources against enemy operations.
- Vault, protects up to 25.000 cash against enemy operations

Added New operations:
- Steal food
- Steal wood
- Steal stone
- Steal cash

- Force readiness formula changes:
- 25 troops now consume 1 force readiness when attacking.
- Max amount you can spent has been changed from 60 to 100.
Note: sending out more troops will always consume 100 force readiness.

- Mortar damage to buildings has been reduced greatly.
- Mortar damage to units has been reduced.

Bounty changes:
- Added bounties for the new operations
- Added 3 seperate attack bounties
1. Attack Town
2. Attack Acre
3. Attack Government location

We hope you will all join us again next round!

Posted September 29 2016 - 16:27
Very nice. Love how two things I mentioned got in there.

Trenches count towards modifier...Awesomeness.

Bounty changes to attack town specifically...Perfect.

Glad you reduced the mortar attack. Not so sure about the extra 40% defense for home troops though. Seems like we might be getting an imbalance.

Definitely like other stuff but don't wanna mention things I plan on taking advantage of :).
Posted October 01 2016 - 00:26
This is Great!