New people

Posted October 13 2016 - 14:33
Anyone that is new to the game ask questions here. I am out of school sick today and I will be on all day with nothing to do. Any questions you have even if you think they are stupid ask them here. Will be editing this first thing with a list of legitimate questions and have answers to them so look here for answers.
- Does your Defcon go down over time? Yes it does go down, would not be fair if you were on high alert 24/7.
- What do you do after a deadly virus hits? You move on and if you need to restore population restore it.
- Why don't you like The Office, and how crazy are you? The Office is pretty boring, and ask Dylan102 because he messed with me.
- How do you get more revenue? By increasing number of civilians, you will need houses for them and you need to manage food too.
- How do you use carbombs? You first have to be the correct level which is level 25, to use it click on a town go to operations and in there it should be available if you have unlocked it.
- At what level can you recruit regular mortar teams? Level 28
Posted October 13 2016 - 20:12
@Apex - Simple, you rebuild, repopulate, and attempt to gather more resources.
Posted October 13 2016 - 23:22
Why don't you like The Office? Follow up to that first, how crazy are you?
Posted October 14 2016 - 04:52
I really like the office. my sister is being Dwight Shrute for halloween so I am being Jim Halpert.
Posted October 14 2016 - 04:52
and how do you get more of a cash revenue? do you get more civilians?
Posted October 14 2016 - 12:40
@phoenix - Yes, you increase your population to widen your gross revenue.
Posted October 14 2016 - 19:19
how do you use carbombs?
Posted October 14 2016 - 20:48
At what level can you recruit regular mortar teams? Was that relay asked.
Posted October 14 2016 - 20:56
28 or 29.