I am wondering if I may help

Posted October 31 2016 - 00:21
Hello, I am wondering if I can help code your game. It has some typos that I might be able to fix. I see a great future with this game and I wonder if I am able to help develope your game, I am a great tester and I code many servers/games I do not have any proof sadly because I haven't been able to find anyone that will accept me into their game. Me hoping that I might be able to find a game that I might be able to help with will improve everyone's view of the game. My final statement is that I will help your game with graphics, details, coding and also be able to help moderate the forums for everyone's sake.

- "Peace begins, when expectation ends."
Posted October 31 2016 - 01:01
A moderator in chat! SO COMICAL! HAHAHAHA!
Posted November 01 2016 - 22:30
Ha... so funny you must be doing stand up comedy. ha...?
Posted November 01 2016 - 22:42
This is the funniest thing I read in a real long time. Thanks for the amusement Mr. Comedian.
Posted November 01 2016 - 22:49
I'm a Having a Laughgasm
Posted January 19 2018 - 16:27