K2 Multiple Accounts Epidemic PSA

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Posted July 04 2017 - 19:45
Thanks I guess :|
Posted July 05 2017 - 07:36
Can only get away with it for so long and I dont think many of us necessarily think its you thats alting. Youre just the sad leader. Sad enough to be the first to mention your name. Almost smart "look at me not him" if it isnt you. And people get away with the nonsense for countless rounds before they slip. Are you doing it? Maybe maybe not I know a few that were pointed for cheating that werent but there is at least one on your side of the street that is. Same MO as previous caught in this thread
Posted July 05 2017 - 12:40
I wrote up a longer post but, meh.

TLDR: Free game, people cheat, you're taking things personal because you're the latest people can point at NPC, and with good reason. Whether or not it is you directly or your people, welcome to any f2p browser based games. I've sat in that seat multiple times now, I think my first clan everyone said I was cheating then I found out I had cheaters in my clan that I thought no possible way. Now whenever I do well I hear or see in chats that I must be cheating or exploiting something. Welcome to the club. Whether you or your people are or aren't, personally, I'm done with caring. Do I think things are going on, yes. Do I expect the mods to invest the amount of time necessary to weed it out... no. It just ends up in chaos without being able to properly invest financially into an appropriate algorithm.
Moderators are great, they do their best, but they don't have the time or money to invest in finding cheaters with too much time in the basement finding ways to cheat in a f2p game. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure there were almost 4 times as many people playing when I started around 4 rounds ago give or take. I could name a handful of people that have left due to it but, it is what it is.
Posted July 06 2017 - 09:34
I agree ArtN3xus, we are working hard on preveting people from cheating but we dont want to throw up to many blockades and make the game unplayable. Cheaters will always be around, i have excepted that fact.

You comment on the current amount of active players, you will notice that after the summer months the amount of players will rise again. I have been working on this game and a previous game for more then 11 years now, and we see this every summer.

Same said for the battle against cheaters.. I want to spent my time and energy in improving and creating new content for the game, instead of wasting my time for investigating who is cheating and who is not..

Im very gratefull that Vorsalk is proven to be a great help for atleast a year now and hope he can withstand the battering and accusations which is something you will have to accept as being a part of being a moderator. The main reason of many previous moderators to have left..

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