First moves guide

Posted July 15 2015 - 09:52
Welcome to the Outbreak. I hope you will enjoy our game. In the following post I will try my best to guide you through your first moves and to help you learn the basics of this game. First of all I'd like to note that this is not a detailed guide of the game. It is more of a strategy manual to help new players learn the basics of the Outbreak. I will focus on adressing the key issues that will range from the very start of the game up to the final phases of it :)

1, The thing any player needs to focus on first is to get those nasty negative numbers out of the inventory screen. Use your ops to acquire more material but don't rely solely on them. You'll need to build up a production of raw materials as soon as possible if you want to keep up with development of your town. Assess what resources you'll gonna need and focus on them, keep in mind that until you reach level 12 you can't be attacked so in the early phases of the game you can comfortably focus on your economy.

2, In this game you will face many crossroads where you have to choose. What hero to choose, what resources to produce, what food production buildings to build, what form of money production to develop, what military units to choose into your army, you will have to assess your priorities and carefully study both strengths and weaknesses of each choice. The official guide will quickly become your new best friend. never hesitate to take your time and carefully analyze your choices because you'll be likely stuck with them for the rest of the round.

3, Leveling is a vital part of the game so keep in mind that it can suddenly direct you towards many basic needed investments.

4, War is a delicate process. Before you can launch an attack and enjoy the fireworks you have to make sure you have the cars and fuel to do so. Also, infiltrating your opponent is the key to success because only from it you might know whether you're going to crush that pathetic bug or whether you're going to be the main course for dinner.

5, Remember that ops are just as nasty to you as they are to other players. If you can't handle opping by another town, don't start opping it. If there is already conflict then ops are a very good way of softening an enemy so that your allies can take him/her down however if you plan attacking keep in mind that opping alerts your target town about your intentions.

6, As your town grows a overbuild modifier will kick in. The overbuild penalty might appear mild at first, however it can be quite a nuisance later in the game, however in this phase of the game you might very well base your income on trading. If you do the right transactions on the fairground you can get rich just as you could if you would trade on Wall Street. Use the fact that everything can be sold for or bought for cash.

7. When your town reached level 40, you will have a whole range of researches to your disposal. Try to keep your researching going is of vital importance for your town. Think out a path you wish to research and benefits your town most.

Well, for now this is my starter's guide. I hope I managed to help any of you newcommers and I hope you'll enjoy our game. If you have any suggestions of what I might add to this guide, please feel free to write them in this thread. I thank you for your time :)
Posted April 07 2020 - 14:08
Just bumping this threat for new players :)