2/3rd Rule Is Incorrect

Posted December 21 2016 - 12:34
I noticed in the previous round that the 2/3rd rule is incorrect. This may have been discussed before, however this is only my 2nd round of playing this game and both in K2. The Devs did not respond to the in game ticket I submitted awhile back. Does anyone know what the actual upper and lower limits are? The rules listed below are wrong.

- You cannot attack players which have less than 2/3rd of your points. To calculate if you can attack a lower town: your points * 0.6666
- Our troops do not dare to attack a player with 1/3rd more then our points. To calculate if you can attack a higher town: your points * 1.3333
Posted December 23 2016 - 01:09
Posted December 23 2016 - 01:45
im new
Posted December 23 2016 - 01:45
im new
Posted December 28 2016 - 16:49
Posted December 29 2016 - 21:02
I have been experiencing issues with this too and i've figured that a good rule of thumb is if it's a lower town multiply by 2/3 like normal but add 5000, and if it's a town higher than you multiply by 1 1/3 and subtract 5000 which is all not very accurate and just a shot in the dark estimate but i stick to it sometimes...or just perform a spec. op to see if you can do that, if so then you may also attack. I want to point out that Acres and any Government installation is exempt of this "rule". This is my first round playing and i can't say that this has made a good impression but there is much more that makes up for this error, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, i hope they fix this to be more accurate.
Posted January 02 2017 - 09:02
I will look into the issue this week and post a update on it.
Posted January 03 2017 - 14:53
Hi all,

I have just uploaded a change to the formula, it should now be working correctly:

Lower limit = points - (points / 3)
Upper limit = points + (points / 3)

Please let me know if still something is wrong.

Posted January 03 2017 - 15:57
Thanks Ronald, will try and test it out soon. Great work.