New units

Posted March 06 2017 - 14:25
Ok so many people like to talk about new units in the last couple months lets get realistic now.The game needs units that would fit the area of Kansas and story of Outbreak.Some of the good ideas I have seen in my time playing are the armored vehicles and medics not much else.A Lot of the other ideas did not have anything to back them up.So this forum is for people that atchley want to think of good units that make sense.

Posted March 06 2017 - 17:24
I already went on my rant and gave my suggestions on this topic; I even did an afternoon's worth of research and theorizing. At this point it's just about useless to keep reminding people the forum rules, especially rule 9.
Posted March 06 2017 - 23:14
It might not seem like it but they or he (ron) does read most of this stuff. Several ideas or issues I brought up were either fixed on the next round or implemented. Your welcome for being badass. Your idea might have just sucked if it was brought up last round and ignored. If not, then wait and see.
Posted March 07 2017 - 02:18
First off; If a bunch of people just yell and gripe about wanting more units, it doesn't mean that they will just appear.
Secondly; I literally did my suggestions this round on the original new units forum.
Thirdly; It isn't easy to just add a new troop to the game, it would take more then just one round.

The unit selection we have right now is just fine and works fairly well. Sure it would be fun and interesting to see new and more units in the game. The dev team surely knows how the community would like to see more units but this wouldn't be top priority, it's hard enough hammering out all the bugs in the game.

For those who hadn't read the original forum for new units yet, here is a link:
Posted March 07 2017 - 08:18
i belive a medic is in order, as well as mounted gunsman(having armed people on cars, or machine guns on truck beds),but as for aircraft, it requires a special, hard to get, fuel.
Posted March 07 2017 - 08:55
Aircraft shouldn't be in the Game at all, that ruins the Kinda, everything is broken and everything is made from parts kinda deal, I know it would be possible, just highly unlikely, and it's truly not needed. A Medic would make Combat more confusing and would play a rather trivial role at best, if it is implemented as said. Instead of adding New Flashy units, they should add more Military Buildings, as only 2 truly 'defend' your base.


➢ Czech Hedgehog (Anti-Vehicle Barrier) - Would be used to defend more effectively against Bikers, as they have no Direct Counter like Mortars do with Trenches and Agents have with Checkposts (Not related to Combat though). This would be a rather Simple Defensive Structure, costing very little (250 Stone & 250 Cash). It would simply Help against Bikers, how it would be implemented Exactly isn't in my Hands and rather rightly so, I bet the Devs would be able to do the math and work this in MUCH better than Myself.

- Czech Hedgehog (Anti-Vehicle Obstacle)
Posted March 07 2017 - 17:59
I may need to inform you that the use of bicycles and motorcycles by the military were for there mobility. The fact that they can quickly get through a battle field with relative ease is why it saw use. So one would need to to create a literal wall of these barriers to be effective against motorcycles. They would mostly likely prove problematic to a car, but cars aren't used to drive straight toward combat in this game. They transport troops, which it would still be able to due even with a few of these barricades spread about. There is a reason why these aren't practical for modern warfare. I do see your point for the possibility of new buildings for defense, but the most practical buildings are already in use.

P.S. One soldier can counter one biker and most likely kill them. So yes bikers, assault bikers, and quads has something that can counter them quite easily.