Not attacked all buildings and populaton gone?

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Posted September 21 2017 - 21:53
Ronald - I experienced this a few ticks ago, raised a ticket, not sure if I was attacked or not - if so there is no record of it
Posted September 22 2017 - 06:36
Hey it may have been me that tried to attack you.. it wouldn't load though and I tried to hit the attack button a few times. The next tick it looked like your points fell to I think it was approx 104k... not sure how you got down to 75k points.
Posted September 22 2017 - 11:38
It took every building to zero and population the same.
Posted September 22 2017 - 12:52
It is same what was in K3 last round. Attacker was not able to finish attack cos game not reacted on attack button, there was no info on news screen about attack, but somehow victim of raid got damage. It can be connected to wildcard rush hour, but not sure.
Posted September 23 2017 - 12:11
mattunited1976, thank you. im investigating the issue, seems like the same things happend to your town as the previeus player. Your town got wiped by a error in loading the attack results.

i will need to investigate this further will restore some of your town. Could you post here what your town was like?

TheBossPlaya, could you please tell me with what kind of troops you attacked?
Posted September 23 2017 - 15:34
Hello.. I attacked with 6.1k marines (fully researched) and 1.8k mortars. Hope that helps.

Posted September 25 2017 - 20:04
i cant remember exactly, below is about right

1070 farms
700 cabins
600 stone
600 wood
80 flats
0 vaults
0 storage area
10 warehouse
40 garage
windmill, biomass and refinery - no idea
30 police station - these survived
50 tavern
20 casino
50 for each militray sounds about right - maybe a little more for gates
3000 snipers
0 police or militaa
1100 bikes
2000 soldiers
4000 mortars

i was on about 150k points

was a week ago - can you fix soon, wasted a whole week of growth
Posted September 26 2017 - 20:00
thank you i restored some of your stuff, the round is going to end pretty soon so everyone will have a fresh start again :)
Posted September 27 2017 - 07:00
How did you decide the amount you restored ? It’s clearly way less than was taken from me with the bug in the game.

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