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Posted October 31 2017 - 01:49
Alright, some ideas might not be that great, I'm just throwing ideas out there.

-Building/Troops that help prevent/caution/survive disasters.

For an example, sometimes towns are hit by tornadoes. You could build Tornado shelters to help bring down the death count, and weather scanners that could let you know a hurricane could be coming soon. Below are a list of ideas I have for this.

-Weather scanners (Aforementioned, let's you know in 2 block radius. 20% chance of failure.
-Weather satellites (Same as Weather scanners, but let you know of all natural disasters in the entire region. 5% chance of faliure.)
-Doctors/Hospitals (The troop doctor will be talked about in detail below. Hospitals could save some people from epidemics,I was thinking 100 healthy people per hospital.)
-Homeless Shelters (Saves 10 people from dying from hunger/wood shortages. No extra tax from homeless should be made.)

More disasters, like flooding, earthquakes, ect.


I have a few troop ideas, and some vehicle ideas.


-Doctor (Or Doktor, if you want to feel more post apocalyptic. These would be able to save 1 out of every 50 troop that dies. Having more than one doctor would only mean that they are in charge of a different group of 50, so that people don't just get 50 doctors and have invincible troops. If there are more doctors than needed, then the other doctors will be rendered useless, and will just do 1 attack and when at home should do 2 defense.)

-HELICOPTERS. PLEASE. (Honestly, this is needed. Ok, so, they should be insanely, and I mean, INSANELY pricey to create. Prehaps even be a special unit itself? Anyways, it should be able to travel convoys at 3 times the speed of normal vehicles. Hangers for them should also be made very expensive. Once again, should be a level 40 unit.)

-Ninjas? I can't really think of a name. There's gotta be something better. (Basically, they're really stealthy, and can boost the chances of a surprise attack by a lot. This is one of those things I'm just throwing out there for interpretation.)

-Tanks? (Again, throwing it out there. Should be a level 40 unit.)

-Robots (WAIT. HEAR ME OUT. They aren't military robots, but just working robots. One robot could be worth the workforce of 5 men or so. SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE MILITARIZED.)

-Police dogs (When paired with a policeman, that policeman will do +.5 attack, and +1 defense. Just one dog, would equal ONE police man with more attack and defense.)

-Suicide Bombers (Erm. Probably my worse idea on this list. But, I mean, you get the idea, right?)

I've heard of the idea of "riots" and "civilian happiness and I just want to add something to that.

-Acre Rebellions

Acres are usually just mistreated, and disregarded. If you get to a certain point of bad treatment, it will attempt to fight for independence. I really like this idea.

I know, a lot of these are sort of bad ideas, but I'm just throwing it out there, as ideas.
Posted October 31 2017 - 08:49
Previously, many of the things you listed were discussed. I want to correct you in advance and explain to all who will have time to read it.

The game has a certain style, principle, story and story. Most of this is not compatible with the views of the creator.
So, a tornado is a random event. Yes, you can correct the principle of the tornado so that it does not destroy part of the resource but a fraction of the cost of buildings in the city, and if the tree is not enough for the player, some buildings may be destroyed but not very much, and based on the cost of other invested resources too.
You can make a tornado cause death of the population.

But the buildings ... if we start building bunkers from the weather, we will very soon fill the valuable fields in the city with no-ton structures. We will be without housing and resources, but safe from floods and tornadoes.

If you want to quickly navigate the map - hire bikers, they move twice as fast. If you need fast transport - select ATVs at the beginning of the round.
If super-fast transport is added - the very meaning of bikers will be lost.

I once offered transport, including high-speed, only offered in my 25-50% speed bonus. But what then (in my opinion) could really be useful - it's armored transport, which also participates in the battle.

Of all the new types of troops that you have proposed now, only a field doctor who will treat the fallen in combat is considered.
The tank is an unacceptable game element. Do you imagine how destructive the tank has? How much do you want to poke him with attack points, 5000? 10000? And do you imagine how many protection points he will have?

The defense multiplier achieves up to 1.95, so in the acre there is a tank with a defense of 5000 points, the total influence of defense is 9750 points.
Bandits have up to 5,000 attacks and defenses, no more. Most raider camps, most of the player cities can be defeated by one tank and a small group of troops.

I already keep silent about the other equipment and aircraft that you proposed.

In general, this can not be all talk. But the field doctor, I hope, will be realized in the next round.
Posted October 31 2017 - 09:04
helicopters, ninjas, robots, tanks... yeah, and enclave vertibirds from fallout + troopers from star wars and of course zombies!!!

EDIT. I forgot about dinosaurs. some mutants also would be nice. or mix of both.
Posted October 31 2017 - 21:43
I sorta didn't like a lot of the stuff I said, but I do stand firm with the ideas of Helicopters, doctors, EAS, and buildings to prevent natural disasters. A lot of the troops were really shitty ideas except for the robot and doctor, which should be considered.
Posted October 31 2017 - 22:30
Totally seriously now - field doctors ok, I can imagine that having some doc units in army could limit number of victims during battles. It would fit to game and rest of units.
But rest of suggested things is just meh. Too complexive / not fit to post-apo reality or general style of game.
There was a dozen of topics like this, add helicopters, tanks, airstrikes, wtf and any of these suggestions was never implemented so I guess my point of view is valid.
Posted May 16 2018 - 14:38
I would love for Ronald to add doctors to the game.
Posted July 20 2018 - 10:00
I see a long list of players that tried to play the Outbreak but never return. This means to me the game certainly has appeal but ultimately does not give them the satisfaction they were looking for. The cause of this lies, in my view, in the fact that newcomers often have to fight against experienced players and therefore do not get the time to go deep into the game. They are already dead and buried before they can gain any experience.
Perhaps we can achieve more cooperation between experienced and less experienced players by creating a new dimension to the game.
Let Missouri be a hostile state that fights Kansas.
The players in Kansas than have to decide to fight each other or cooperate to beat the players in Missouri .... or do both.
The stronger (experienced) players will need the other players to beat their neighbour state and the weaker players will have the time to gain experience and learn all possible tricks faster.
Bounderies will change because Kansas and Missouri can steal ground from eachother.
Perhaps we will achieve more fun for all of them and consequently more players who continue to play.
Posted July 20 2018 - 12:53
The Heli is a good idea. However, it is very OP. Especially with the 'Strategist' Tech 4 acquired. 6 weeks for cars, 2 for helicopter, 1 for a General that actually read through a war manual. Sounds really unfair. And Military SAMs/AA guns (from Military Camp) will shoot unidentified Aircrafts that ain't theirs.

Field Doctors doesn't pick the taste of 'The Outbreak'. Especially when you augment them with Militarized characteristics with Attack Score. And besides, there's a Ratio on Death, Kills and Mortar Protection. Heck, if having a single doctor significantly helps 3000 Marines survive with little casualties against 5000 Marines. Yeah, I see how the idea is thrown out.

Those Weather detectors isn't really that much of a help. If we think realistically; there's a button top right of your map screen in shape of binoculars, which is to spot convoys. Now, if my Agent that has a binoculars that can see the far end corner of the map, why on earth can he not spot a tornado? Why not consider getting a certain level to spot them? And Townhall would also employ not only defense against operations, but also disasters. Save the Random Event like 'Fire'. Since the population can also be at fault in the first place.

Ninjas? We're in America damn it! Go hire some badass Navy Seals for that! Robots? Nope, follow the game's original plot line to where America closed off in Iron Curtain. And since communication is at isolation, technological development is also at danger. That's the reason why you even have to research Stealth Training despite achieving Level 21.

Police dogs? Hmmm, it can work in some tweaking. A dog is for 20/50 Policemen to share (and love) and instead increasing Attack Score, only defense is increased by 1 and provides little to medium effect against operations. And after a little while, I'm going to trash the idea since I just realized the realistic application in game will required more implementations like Animal Compound (to avoid spamming dogs over building checkpoints).

Suicide bombers...? Wtf? Consider recruiting your citizens not for defense, but freaking terrorism? You might as well be a prime target by the Government due to disregarding Human Rights (as I would imagine Suicide bombers would literally cause collateral damage and this is would work as balancing)

Acre Rebellion? Well, back again to game's plotline; Iron Curtain, no more Food Drops, Diaries, etc. Hell, these Acres literally can fend for themselves! We only benefit from them because we are in control and the moment we abandon an Acre bandits go let themselves in because they have more trust to Bandits rather than Town playing Government. And if the rebellion ever comes into play, you might as well shoot every civilians in the Village Acre as per security measures.
Posted July 28 2018 - 10:58

The cowards approach to the game. Since they are impossible to defend against and gradually destroy your town, a have little cost to the attacker [apart from the cost of the missile]... They should be more expensive to carry out in terms of special operation points.

Maybe remove the any increase in exp points from each missile operation.
or make every 1 in 10 missile explode killing a substantial number of agents.

Check points.

Setting up loads of road blocks interferes with the free flow of trade. Each road block could remove 0.1% of the towns tax take- due to the reduced trade

Posted August 18 2018 - 11:59
While on topic, can we contraceptive? I have a big population and level 3 child policy. It is very annoying and quite wasteful to regularly drive out population. Maybe add this on the future HQ commands.
Posted September 22 2018 - 18:34
Can we please have a different background color for the menu on screen. It looks like PornHub so bad that your probably ruining everyone's rep playing this awesome game at school or work or whatever. People are just jerks and talk crap. But seriously can y'all do anything about this maybe even adding other colors would help but just check it out if you don't believe me and the square pictures underneath the menu it just don't look right. Please change it
Posted September 22 2018 - 18:37
^ This had me laughing
Posted August 06 2019 - 15:03
I am a little late but CrazyAsFXck is right it does look like pornhub.

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