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Posted August 04 2018 - 06:26
So, I've more or less warring with many people and of course gathering information and cutting them off guard is one of the game's wonders. However, I am annoyed by the fact 'Mailing' is private and more secured than the 'Tavern/Chat'. I'm thinking of adding another Aggressive Operation called 'Eavesdrop' or anything similar. This will reveal the target's recent mail by 5-10 (depends on the Devs), and this would be furthered amplified if the aggressor is the owner of the Military Camp. However, there's a catch! As the 'Mailing' Feature is well secured in nature, this is rather difficult to perform without fail.

Another is having multiple success of aggressive operations that is noticeable by the Population, namely: Destroy Buildings, Destroy Checkpoint, Fire Missile, etc. will decrease the target's Public Order. The amount will be determined by how much the aggressor has been harassing the town. For example: I conducted 4 successful Destroy Buildings Operation then that will deduct at least 8-12 Public Order. Of course this might too much but consider that every fail and success increase DEFCON, I think this well justified.

Poison? This is rather inefficient. I can only kill somewhere around 850 in a town populated around 12250. Do note he only has 13 while I have 20 and fully researched Stealth Training but without Navy Seal. True enough, the poison is cheap and probably the most conventional way of 'safely' damaging your target but really, I don't see the point of damaging the target based on a percentage not on Attack Score. Yes, I trialed and tested that every fail and success result is based on a percentage. But why so low? 850, that is the result of 4 times success out of 5. Which is rather disappointing.

What am I suggesting? New Operatiom, this time: Massacre! Inhumane as it sounds, sounds fitting when you're actually going to provoke someone or simply going to say "Revenge" with a double or triple the result of Poison. Only difference is Checkpoints, Relations and DEFCON has double the effect in the outcome. Also, this has more chance getting into the headlines on Fairground's News (as it makes much noise to go unnoticed).

On the map, I usually see many Markers of attack convoy. Some AFKs, some from Allies, some from enemies, and some from random people. The problem is there's too many! I'm thinking of labeling the Markers of Attack convoys differently: Full red is from Enemy, Orange is to Allies, and those random people will be violet. Clan members and Trade convoys should stay the same.

That's my ideas for now.
Posted September 21 2018 - 11:29
Thank you very much for you input Kristana, i have made some notes and will try to get them into the next update.
Posted September 21 2018 - 16:40
No probs. Love the game, wants to see grow further.

Oh, just to add: I think there should be more events that universally affect Kansas.

Week XXXX: Storm surge caused quarries of various regions to shut down. All mayors of affected towns are making efforts to clear cavern of water and stated production will continue the next week. (This means a one tick miss for stones, damage is possible but not recommended, as typhoons already took that role. This is also a rare event, for all seriousness, I'm sure a storm can only go to Kansas if it is that terrible. Not an american though)

WeeK XXXX: Nomadic travelers of the Kansas region found spots suitable for mining within regions of Kansas! The Government claim these areas within those regions and is making progress with production. Expect lowering price of stones. (Face value. And if you're wondering who's 'Nomadic travelers' I meant the people you find occasionally in the woods [referencing Special Ops 'Find Refugees]. Not sure what chance should this event have. I'm having conflict for realism and game mechanics)

Week XXXX: Various war efforts the Government had wage against bandits has driven the outlaw leaders into a corner, signing a treaty of agreement for ceasefire. This report concludes that for 168 weeks, Raider Threat is lowered and bandit activity within Kansas diminish to a small percentage. (168 weeks translates to 7 days in real life. This is probably too much as there's only 13xx weeks for the game, but this is just a draft, it is subject to change. Also, I thought of ceasefire instead of straight-up eliminating them since they're still citizens of Kansas, just criminals with guns and all. I really don't think Kansas Government is the type of Government that is Nazi. Camps should still appear tho)

Weel XXXX: Sudden growth spurs out of vegetation! Local farmers describes harvest to be twice and some even thrice as normal! Hunters also states the sudden increase of wildlife along with unforeseen speed of maturity of plants in forest! Farmers and Lumberjacks are very much indeed in need of additional workers to harvest all of these! (This is probably out of nowhere, even for me, but we still have that virus plaguing whenever it pleases and disappears without trace. Let's just say some part of the virus mutated to environment and human friendly organism. I'm thinking of this to be a five tick event where the player receives a mail from the Towns people saying 'We need extra hands to get all the goodies! A 1/3 extra workforce for food and wood suppliers will be enough. You have five weeks to prepare those green thumbs and chainsaws and completion will grant you 3-4 multiplier for food and wood for two ticks!" Something like that, I can write it even better but this is a draft, I need approval first :-/. Should the player did not meet the requirements, give a two tick multiplier of 2.5 for food and wood. This is for inactives and those who simply cannot stretch their limits)

What about Government interference? Say you took an installation, of course, you're full a pledge enemy of the state at that point. But is there no actions made by the Government against me, the player who took an installation? Well, unless the said "Officers" within the declaration of war were actually players coming to get the installation.

What I want to see is the Government putting up blockades against you. Say you have cargo route for food, stones, and wood, all within the same region of let's say Refinery. Refinery doesn't offer much except oil, but it is still in the hands of the Government, and the Government will put sanctions on those blockades, costing you half the price the resources value as the Fairground prices say so. There will also be agents from the Government doing various works against you exactly what a player would do: steal, blow, spy, etc. They will basically try to make you uneasy. And just to put a higher value for Government Reputation each time a successful spying is done by the Government, the player with the highest reputation will be considered most trusted and shall also receive this report.

OP right? Well, it's a freakin' country you're fighting! How to all of the above? It is until a player finally occupies the Capital. Doesn't matter who, as long as it no longer owned by the Government, you're home free. Though, they are still free to return should the player abandon the installation just for politics. And I'm not sure whether to add blockade as a game mechanic for any installation. It can terribly imbalance the game and make players gun down the single player who owns that installation. So, please let it be only a Government thing.
Posted September 21 2018 - 16:45
Kristana , you play on k2?
Posted September 22 2018 - 02:00
I'm Greenwood in K1
Flugel in K2
Not_Russia in K3

Yep, multiple accounts are allowed. But not in the same area (as Ronald will bring out the ban hammer whenever you're caught of that).
Posted September 22 2018 - 03:04
I also forgot to include that those sanctions should be based on resource being transported. Say a forest providing 4000 wood crossing the region of Military Camp means blockade. Price of wood is 1.2 based on Fairground. Sanctions on every wood is 0.6. So that transport of 4000 wood will incur 2400 cash deduction on every tick.

A limit of 1.7 as sanction cost should be implemented. As I've been testing in K1, I've noted a strategy/tactic to be used to full utilize the sanction mechanic and is a very hard blow in economy as the cost of stones here in K1 is 6.3X. Meaning 50,000 stones is for 310,000 cash. And if an enemy town were to be at the same region with an installation I own, my enemy will be very pissed off if he is an enemy of the state and I return the installation back as Government property especially most of his Acres are stone provider. Again, a hard blow in economy, as stones will be sanctioned for 3 cash each one and a 12,000 stones will cost 36,000! That's 7 times more than what the Capital can give!