New round open for signup!

Posted October 01 2015 - 13:41
Hi Everyone,

We have just reset both area's and opened up the new area's for signup!

Until Friday October 2 you will have time to create your town and perform your first moves, on October 2 at 20:00 GMT +1:00 the round will start ticking again!

Full list of changes we have made for coming round:

Update 1-10-2015
- Players starting the game later will now receive extra resources to give them a more fair chance of achieving something.
- Refineries now produce 100 fuel each tick
- You can now manually increase you defcon level on the townhall page, costing operation energy.
- Your defcon level now also affects your locations (lesser then your town), protecting them against enemy operations.
- When you are at war and someone send a peace offer, the town icons remain red until peace is accepted.
- You can now decline a peace offer.
- Formula for overbuilt modifier changed, 8 extra buildings each level instead of 6.
- You now receive a extra reward every level gained.
- Highest townlevel has been increased to 36
- When reaching level 36 you can now perform research on new techonologies.
- When multiple attack convoys of your town or locations reach a similar target, you can merge them into a single convoy before you attack.
- Passive operation outcome reviewed and more randomized.
- 'Scavange goods' operation new possible outcomes added
- Towns get automatically resigned after 7 days instead of 5

We hope you will all join us again in the new round!

Posted October 01 2015 - 20:27
during the tutorial,we have no agents but we can still scavenge food,wood etc.

how is this possible?
Posted October 02 2015 - 00:16
Not only during tutorial, but also in the 'real' area's you can do special operations (gather wood, hunt for food, etc) from the start. Doing these operations require agents, units you can not train/expand yourself unless you've gained level 5. But every town starts with a agent they already have, therefor, you can do operations with this one agent you already have.