Minor balance/bugfix update

Posted January 28 2020 - 15:25

Hey guys,

With the round in progress we have just released a minor balance / bugfix update which will be active right away. Hereby the list of changes and fixes made:

Minor mid-round update:
- "Carbomb" operation is now available against raider camps.
- "Fire missle" operation is now available against raider camps.
- Vaults will now only protect cash against enemy operations up to 50k for each vault. Guide and vault description updated.
- Defcon defenses are slightly increased as your defcon rises. Manually increasing your defcon on the townshall page will not make a big difference in your defence.
- Starting buildings now changed to somewhat more 'raw goods' buildings, a total of 25, mission 1 changed to having 35 'raw goods' buildings.
- Changed starting storage areas from 4 to 6.
- Bad random events cannot occur before turn 100 and when lower then townlevel 13.
- Cannot perform special operation against towns with less then 4000 points in each area.
- When attacking a acre or government location you can now go directly to the operations page, targeting that specific target.

Bug fixes:
- Convoy travelback time from raider camps is now working as intended.
- Bug which showed a 20% attack bonus on the attack pages when you are in a clan at all times. Now the bonus is displayed proper again.
- When army is traveling back and reached 0 weeks, the script sometimes needs some more time to add the units to your town again. Removed the 'Attack' and 'Recall' buttons. Just wait a few seconds and your units will be added.
- Fixed a bug with some strange convoy behaviour.
- Raiders attacking acre transport not beign displayed into your town events.
- Other minor bug and interface changes.
- Some spelling corrections (thank you binxmuldoon and LobsterJonn).

The Outbreak Team.