New round open for signup and change list!

Posted April 05 2020 - 12:20
Hey everyone,

Hereby we give you the list of changes we have made for the upcoming round. Its mainly a quality and balance update again, but we also have some new features.
Changes are directly active for the K1 area, also all chats have been reset except for the 'All areas' and 'General K1' chat.

We hope you will all enjoy the changes and have a good new round!

- No regional events can occur during the first 48 weeks.
- Regional events pause timer, when a regional event occurs no other regional event can occur for 12 weeks.
- Spotted attack convoys icon in top bar, now will flash red if attack convoys are spotted not belonging to you.
- Mail blocklist, you can now put towns on a ingame block list. You will no longer receive message from this town.

User ranking prizes:
- When gaining a user ranking, you can now receive prizes based on the ranking you have reached. Look at our guide user ranking section for more details.
- All player who were active with their accounts during 2020, will receive all prizes for there ranking that they should have received with the new system.
- These prizes have been added to your account!
- 'Starter' ranking is lowered from 30k to 20k points before promoting to 'Scout'.
- Bonus points modifier, lower ranked players playing in K2 or K3 will now receive bonus points when finishing the round.

Custom heroes:
- You are now able to choice a picture for you own custom hero, this will be displayed on the ingame hero page.
- Hero names can now be changed for all excisting custom heroes.
- Changes made to a custom hero will not effect your active towns hero. Only when creating a new town or at the start of a new round, your changes will become active for that towns hero.

I have reworked the whole relationship system, giving more value to the concluded relations. Take a good note to the following changes:
- When accepting a relationship (NAP or Alliance) you cannot cancel it for 24 weeks.
- You cannot declare war on a town you have concluded a relationship with, you need to cancel the excisting relationship first.
- When canceling a relationship, you cannot conclude a new relationship with this town for 24 weeks. Except for declaring war.
- When you have concluded a NAP or Alliance with a target town, you can no longer directly attack (with units) its town or locations. You can still use special operations on the target.
- When you have concluded a NAP or Alliance with a target town, you cannot issue bounties on him or his locations.

- When leaving a clan or your town gets kicked from a clan, there will be a 12 hours cooldown period before you can join the same or any other clan.

- Bounty hunters! Bounty Hunter raiders will now occasionly attack a target town with at that moment the highest bounty on him.
- All players will be warned when a bounty hunter convoy is approaching 18 turns before the attack. When 18 turns have passed, it will attack the player with the highest bounty on his town.
- Raider camp spawn timer, when a raider camp spawns no other camp can spawn for 12 weeks.
- BoB introduction randomizer. BoB will now come in to play between turn 300 and 400 which is randomly determined.
- BoB and Red Boars camps and Acres defenses and garrison is slightly weakenend.
- Government reputation reward now visible in 'Infiltration' Report.
- Higher ranked raiders now give slightly more Government reputation.
- The maximum amount of raider camps in each sector is now limited to 1

New Research:
- Concealment, Increased the chance your convoys stays hidden when discovered.
- Camouflage, increase the defense of your agents.
- Biomass Efficiency, decreases wood cost in % for biomass powerplants.

Spotting convoys on map revised:
- Each time this operation is used, it can reveal 1 convoy on the map.
- All convoys are now harder to spot on the map in general.
- Trading convoys are harder to spot then attack convoys.
- Bigger convoys will have a higher chance of being revealed.
- Trade convoys do not screen off attack convoys.
- Smaller attack convoys are now more easily to ambush and destroy.
- When a attack convoy performed his attack, it will be hidden again for its return by those who have spotted it.
- Revealed convoys on the map are now only shared among clan members, no longer to allies.
- Spot convoys on map now requires atleast one agents to be used.

- All changes for spotting convoys on the map also apply for the 'Gather convoy information' operation when performed directly on a town.
- 'Gather convoy information' operation reveals 2 convoys for that specific target.

- Added a 'issue bounties' button on the map for raider camps.

- A wide range of minor bugs have been fixed.

If anything is off or you run into any issues, be sure to let me know!

Posted April 05 2020 - 20:31
Nice I love the update changes;)