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Posted November 02 2020 - 15:18
My name is Dane and I am here to tell you about my travels.

There are states if you have not know it, now you know.
To be honest I expect some resistance against my travel
because of border issues but this is not the case.
In many states some are in a constant battle with the
raiders while some were many natives hide and forge
to keep a low profile. Many people don't like to fight,
this is a fact.

The reason for that is either they don't have resources
or they just ignorant. Either way they eventually get
caught up with everything or if lucky enough to escape
to a better place, what ever the place might be.

Yet there this thing I kept asking what if this virus thing
still roam the earth but we are not seeing it.

During one of my lucky stays, the town was able to afford
a bar and an inn. The people whispers about one town which
was quite far east. They warned everyone to stay clear of
there. To my surprise the reason was simple, there was
a massive wild herd of crazy dogs roams there.

I stay for a few days and saw a band of mercenary.
They say they are going to clear out the dogs for some
Money the town offers. But I think there is more.

After some drunk conversation at the bar the mercenary
told me there is treasure which the dogs are guarding.
Which peak my interest so I join them. It was quite simple
I told them I was a photographer.

The day of the hunt was quite normal. It was in the
middle of winter good thing we have snowmobiles
and the dogs likely stay in their nests which
we will burn them all.

When we reach where we think we are, a few brave
ones in the front told us to hold. Our group
only consists of 15 people, me include. we are
a small group of men so we take extra caution.

So we sent out some scouts during the day.
At night I over heard a conversation. There was a town
abandon where the dogs should be.
There was no raiders in these area and the
town was very big. That includes hot houses, grin bins,
green houses, water towers, and military infrastructure
every where; many are tents and beds.

The next day what we found there was horrifying.
There was so many dead. We walk there like hell
has freeze over. But don't think the raider came
and gone but something else. My guess is disease and
the cold with very bad timing.

There was a mass grave by the town. So many dead
were there. Still they did not allow me to
photograph it, weird.